Wednesday, 16 January 2013

WOYWW #189 - Knitty Nora!

I’ll come clean right at the offset this week and own up to the fact that my work table is set up for this photo, but at least it gave me the reason to clear all the toot that had accumulated over the last two weeks off of it.

Luckily or unluckily, depending on how you view it, I haven’t done any paper crafting for a couple of weeks because I came down with that nasty little winter sickness and tummy bug, so I didn’t need to use the table .It was just as well because I had a new integrated fridge freezer put in yesterday and had to move a lot of stuff from the kitchen to give them room to work in and empty the old one…….. and where did that end up……you’ve guessed it….in my craft room!

I’m feeling much better now though, so this morning I decided it was time to get straight again and decided that I would show you how my knitting is coming along.

So here’s what’s on my Workdesk this week.

I’ve managed to finish two of the four pieces that make up the centre of the baby’s shawl and I’m working on the third part now.
At this rate of knitting it should be finished in a couple of weeks………I don’t knit fast and the old hands are not as supple as they used to be.

By the time we meet again next week I hope to have made some cards to show you because I still haven’t made my Thank You cards yet, but now the table is clear I’ve no excuse, so keep a look out.

If you want to see what on other peoples work surfaces, as I'm about to do after grabbing a cup of coffee, then call in on Julia over at The Stamping Ground and join in with What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday.

Happy Crafting!




Annie said...

Wow Sue!!! You say you don't knit fast but that looks pretty impressive to me. Love the pattern.
A x #50

butterfly said...

Glad to hear you're starting to feel better - it's hit so many people this year... Amazing job on the shawl, the knit is exquisite - can't wait to see the finished thing! Happy WOYWW!
Alison x

Buttons said...

Oh that shawl is absolutely beautiful Sue. Hope you are feeling 100% very soon. Happy WOYWW, hugs Jenny x

MrsC.x said...

beautiful shawl

Happy WOYWW Mrs.C #46 {i think?!}

die amelie said...

Gosh - I wish I could knit like that!!! So beautiful!


die amelie xx (desk #49)

lisa said...

I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling poorly, Sue but glad you're on the mend again. This cold weather should kill off all the bugs shouldn't it!!
Oh wow, what a beautiful shawl. I admire anyone who can knit, it's double dutch to me. You have a real heirloom in the making there.
Hugs Lisax #70

Di said...

Crumbs Sue - your knitting is fantastic!! Hope you continue to feel better. Hugs and Happy WOYWW, Di xx (41 - I wish) xx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Blimey, must have been knitting like a whirling dervish to have achieved so much..because that looks like 4 ply or double knitting to me and I KNOW how long that takes to knit up!! IT looks wonderful, I'm sure the recipient will be thrilled skinny when she gets it!
Glad to hear you're feeling better now.
LLJ 38 xx

MiniOwner said...

Your knitting is beautiful, Sue. Hope you are completely recovered. I had before Christmas and you have my sincere sympathies. Happy Wednesday. :o)
Sue x (MiniOwner@104)

Ria Gall said...

Wow your work is amazing that is so beautiful. Good to hear you are feeling better, thanks for sharing.
Ria #114

Roudi said...

Oh wow! And I was proud of myself when I knitted some baby booties! lol
That is fantastic, Sue!
So pretty. ♥
Happy WOYWW from Egypt. xx
Roudi #113

okienurse said...

Beautiful work Sue! I love the open work in the shawl! I can remember being taught knit years ago by my nanny Lilly. Lilly married a British soldier stationed in the states and became my nanny for 3 years teaching me to knit and do all sorts of fun things. Thanks for popping by my desk and leaving a comment! It means a lot to me! Have a great week. Vickie #43

die amelie said...

Once again me, Sue...thank you so much for your kind wishes and for sympathizing with my tooth issues...hope, you will be spared any of that!


Claudia x

Sara Jansen said...

Don't you love the way the world works?? You needed an empty space and there was your craft table...enjoy the new frig!!
Your knitting is BEAU-T-US...just gorgeous...this is one lucky little child...
Thanks for the peak into your world.
Sara #144

Carol Yates said...

This is absolutely beautiful. Sorry you have been ill.
Carol.x #59

JoZart said...

Oh! Sue the shawl is exquisite and you knit so well. I'm relieved after seeing your blog post title that Knitty Nora isn't who it is around these parts, my friend. I thought you'd been scratching your head and had to call for Knitty Nora THE BIDDY EXPLORER. Heh heh !!
so kind of you to offer help in another way for LillyBo quilts and it might be lovely to have some tags to go with them with the story of how it all came about printed on the back. We'll sort something out but I will be posting full info in a day or two so you can read all about it.
Thanks again love Jo x
ps are you going to the show in Manchester at Media City by the Trafford centre? I might get there as it takes the place of Aintree show.

Angie said...

Hi there ...just dropped by to keep in touch ...the will to craft has deserted me but I love seeing what others are doing. Your shawl is gorgeous ...the end result will be stunning.
Sorry to hear you have been ill but glad you are on the mend ...hugs xx

Lori said...

Simply beautiful!!

Sorry I am a day late. Fighting the nasty flu.
Lori #84

Nicky said...

Wow wow wow I love your knitting its so lovely, knitting is one craft I am just to heavy handed for my mum always laughed that my knitting talks to me as it always squeaked! - I am not sharing a desk as away from home looking after my friends cattery but enjoying having a good look around everyone else's desk