Wednesday, 28 March 2012

WOYWW #147

I didn’t make it to WOYWW last week because I was in my sick bed feeling really sorry for myself.

I usually managed to miss all the germs that do the rounds at this time of year but oh boy did I pick this one up. I’ve had all the usual suspects, soar throat, upset tummy, sneezing, coughing and sinusitis and a chest infection thrown in for good measure but just to add insult to injury I’ve now broken out in what looks like a shaving rash all along my right jaw line and have no idea what has caused it. I can only assume that it’s because I’m so run down at the moment.

So as you can imagine, with that little lot going on I’ve not felt much like crafting so haven’t really done very much at all since I was last here.

This week I’m feeling much better thought and am definitely on the mend so I invited my lovely crafty friend Lythan over to play on Monday and the photo of my desk is pretty much the same as it was left after she went home.

As you will notice, I have had to move a few things to make give Lythan room on the table to work, so one stack of boxes that normally live on the table have been moved to a little fold up table in the corner and my box of Promarkers is now on the top of the filing cabinet for the time being, until I get around to putting everything back.

I was working on a page for my heritage album so out on the floor is also the drawer where I keep all my vintage bits, the plastic box I keep all the papers for the album in and also the box of photos I had been sorting through.

The page I was working on is a little different from the normal 12 x 12 pages because this one is made up of five 6 x 4 panels and it seemed to me to be a great way of showing off some of the many photos I have of myself and two brothers as we were growing up.

I was probable about 2 or 3 when these were taken and my brothers were around 9 and 10, so it was a long time ago.

Well that’s it from me for this week…..short and sweet, although lots of photos.

Pop across to The Stamping Ground  where Julia has all you need to know if you want to join in and show your work space to the rest of us nosy crafters……..go on, you know you want too!

I’ll be around later this afternoon to see what everyone is up too.

Thanks for stopping by and …….

Happy Crafting!



Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Panic Stations! WOYWW #145 & Daring Cardmaker's

Yep, it was most definitely panic stations at 8pm last night here at Sue's Krafty Kards, when I managed to chuck a cup of Black coffee all over the Beige carpet in my lounge.

I had just made the drink and settled myself down with some stitching when I thought to myself, if I didn’t move the cushion I'm leaning against it was going to fall over the arm of the sofa.  No sooner than the thought crossed my mind, that’s exactly what happened, taking the full cup of coffee with it.

I mopped it up as best I could with loads of cold water…….do you think I remember what’s the best thing to use on coffee spills.......….and then phoned the carpet cleaner guy who used to do dads carpets for him and he came out first thing this morning and treated the spill for me. It looks like it’s all come out but it’s hard to tell while it’s still wet. He didn’t have time this morning but he’s coming back next week to clean the whole carpet for me, so hopefully it will look as good as new when it's done.

Anyway, on to why I’m here and as we all already know Wednesday means a day of blog hopping around the craft desks, kitchen tables and floors for the craft world to see what everyone is busy working on this week.
Julia has all the details of how to join in over at   The stamping ground   so why not pay her a visit and join in the fun.

My own desk has the remnants of a little challenge I set myself this week.

When I made this card on Sunday I got out four coordinating 12 x 12 papers from my MME ‘Complete Boy’ stack and also one sheet of 12 x 12 from the Costco kit to use for some matting.

Incidentally Sandee  was saying that she would like to see the layering close up, so here you go Sandee.

I’m not sure that it shows up very well in the picture but there are four different layers there.

So as I was saying, I made the card and instead of putting the remaining papers away again I decided that I would try and use them up straight away and made six more cards.

I’ve used some Rub-On’s on these first two that I brought what must be around five years ago and put away in the cupboard because I didn’t know what to use them on.
As it happens the colours in them are a great match for the papers, so maybe I must have been subconsciously saving them for this moment.  I’m really pleased with them anyway!

I’m linking this one to the  Daring Cardmakers  challenge this week which is all about 'Tessellation'.  Basically it means creating a pattern with shapes that fit together on all sides and the background layer of this card is made using 9 x 4cm squares.

On the next one I’ve used the TH tattered Flower die as the main focal point.

My final three cards are a copy of a fab design by Jo Kill that was in Papercraft Essential recently. Hope you didn’t mind me high jacking your design Jo?

I did email Jo yesterday to ask if it was ok to show these, seeing as it’s her design but as yet I’ve had no reply so I hope it’s ok.

I’ve made mine so that each one opens a different way. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a 'Crafty' week ahead.


Sunday, 11 March 2012

Shabby Vintage

I’ve had a little play this morning with the new template from the challenge over at  Card Patterns.

The papers are all ”Complete Boy” from a My Mind’s Eye stack that I brought recently. It seems they came out in 2009 and I’ve no idea how I managed to miss they because the selection of papers is fantastic. I thinking I may just treat myself to the Complete Girl stack next.

I’ve used an image that I received in a swap, well four actually because I’ve decoupaged the image using four layers. I think it’s a Crafty Individuals stamp but I’m not 100% sure.

I’m also linking this to the following challenges.

Craft Room Challenge  - Shabby Vintage (Tues)

Paper Pretties   - Create a Masculine Card (Wed)

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Liebster Blog Award

I have to say a big Thank You to lovely blogging buddies, Keryn for Poppy Dog and Dotty from Dotty A Designs who both visited my blog last week and felt me worth of leaving me this Liebster Blog award .

Thank you so much ladies.

The concept behind this award is this:

"Liebster" in German means "dearest". The idea of the Liebster Blog Award is to spread the love from one small blog (under 200 followers) to other small blogs. This helps to spread knowledge and readership.

I actually received the same award a few weeks ago and passed it on then so I’ll have to think very carefully about who I shall pass it onto this time.

Thanks again ladies.

WOYWW #144

I seem to be getting to do my WOYWW post later and later each week and the reason for today late visit to Julia over at  The stamping ground  is that I simply overslept this morning, putting me all behind.

I then had to go out and I had every intension of getting on here as soon as I got back from the local post office but just as I arrived home the delivery lady turned up with a parcel for me and then I got a little distracted with my latest acquisition .

As you can see, on my table this afternoon is a new storage box for my ProMarkers.

Although last year I sorted out my pens and made new storage by turning a CD rack on its side and love to see all the pretty colours looking down on me from the shelf where I have it, it really wasn’t working for me because every time I take a pen out to use, three or four more would fall out and it was getting on my nerves.

So I decided to think again and everywhere in blog land I kept coming across people shouting about the fab 100 CD storage boxes they were getting from Tesco for around £8. Apparently they hold the entire collection of Promarker pens, so I went to see if I could find one , only to be disappointed because they’ve discontinued them.

My next thought was eBay to see if I could find anything on there, which as you can see I did and what a bargain it was.
This is bigger than the Tesco one, holding 140CD’s so there’s room inside for my Marvy Le Plume pens as well.
Admittedly this one’s second hand but there’s no digs or scratches on the case at all and the only thing I can see wrong is that the keys are missing , which doesn’t matter at all.
The guy has even thrown in two new packs of the CD sleeves and all for the bargain price of just £8.99 with free postage. Result!

So now I shall be spending the rest of the afternoon sorting out my pens. 

Craft wise I’ve not actually done very much since we last meet, but I have been doing some cross stitching in the evenings and have managed to do another fourteen panels to send out to Nicki in Switzerland for the Kids Company project, including these few.

I've also spent quite a lot of time on   My Sewing Blog,  adding lots of more projects to it and am almost up to the end of last year now, so it’s nearly up to date, although in saying that, there are quite a few posts that I’ve had to leave as drafts for the time being.

They are all related to the quilt project for St Clare Hospice and I can’t show them on my blog yet because there’s a possibility that the story about them will be featured in the cross stitch magazine, The World Of Cross Stitching.

So, that’s what’s going on in my craft room this week, now let’s see what’s happening in yours.

Happy Crafting!