Sunday, 28 October 2007

A Virgin Digi Scrapper No Longer

Hi all,
Well, I’ve now had the appointment with my own optician and he was able to reassure me a little bit about the problems I have with eye, so as of tomorrow it’s back to the card making and all the challenges with a vengeance.

Even though I've had a bit of a break away from crafting I've still managed to do a few bits over the last couple of day including some cards and I've even managed to make my very first digital scrapbook page thanks to the 6 week course that Kirsty Wiseman is running.

Kirsty says the first lesson is very basic and I guess it was really but I can’t tell you how I pleased I was to master it and can’t wait until my second lesson is emailed to me this evening so I can learn some more amazing techniques.

This is the page we did for the first class following Kirsty's clearly set out steps.

After doing this page Kirsty then challenged us to go to, find a freebie kit that we like and then create a page in our own style, using the techniques we had learned in the first lesson.
I decided to used a photo of my great, great grandmother which I have already scrapped the conventional way and see what I could come up with and here it is.

Digi Page

Conventional Page
Have to say I’m really cuffed with the results but I couldn’t have done it without the most gorgeous kit called Lovely (very apt!) that I found on and the simple and clear steps set out by Kirsty……….and believe me they had to be simple and clear where I’m concerned!

Friday, 19 October 2007

Long Time No Blog

Hi all, the wander returns….well that’s how it feels after being AWL for nineteen days. I've had to give my crafting a bit of a miss for a while due to a problem with my eyes.

As a few of you know, last summer I started to get a shadow in my Right eye and ended up at Moorefield's Eye Hospital. It turned out that the jelly that fills the inside of the eye is gradually breaking away causing floaters and there’s no treatment apparently. I was told that it shouldn't get any worse and that in time I wouldn't take any notice of it, which was quite good news.

Well they were right, I did start to get used to the shadow but then a few weeks ago it suddenly got worse leaving me with a very large blurry patch that continually floats across my vision. I managed to get an emergency appointment with an optician on Monday (no need to go to Moorefield's this time fortunately) and basically it’s the same thing as before. It’s all still very worrying though but I have an appointment booked with my own optician for the 27th of this month so I’ll wait and see what he thinks about it.
Anyway, back to crafting.
I was beginning to miss it so much that I thought I would get myself back into it a little at a time by doing a couple of classes making Christmas cards at Imagine That

In the first class we used Die Cuts, Paper Punches and some of my favourite Tapestry Stamps….needless to say I came home with a set!
Here are the three simple cards we made.

In the second class we made cards using Moonglow Mists, Shrink Plastic, Metal Embossing and Rubber stamps from Blonde Moments and Paperartsy. I have to say Paperartsy stamps are really not my thing and if I’m honest I find them a bit scary but the new Christmas Santa that we used is really lovely. Don’t think for one minute that I’m converted thought because I’m definitely not.
These are the cards.

This last one didn't really turn out how it was meant to excuse was it suddenly got warmer and the snowflake started to melt. lol! The sample that Emma has was really stunning so it's something that I'm definitely going to have another go at.

The only other bit of crafting that I've done was on Wednesday when Carolyn, the boss of the Crafts By Carolyn forum came over to play. We spent our time having a good natter and catch up and stamping some images with each others rubber stamps. Sue was supposed to come too but had to cancel because her OH had a hospital appointment….such a shame because the get together was her idea in the first place but hopefully we can arrange it for another time.

Well, that’s about it from me for now. I’m not sure when I’ll be joining in with the challenges again because I have a few orders to catch up with but I hope it won’t be too long….I really enjoy them and miss having a go at them.