Wednesday, 23 January 2013

WOYWW # 190

I hope all my WOYWW friends have managed to stay safe and warm this week, with all this White stuff around.

I actually love the snow, but what I don’t like is the icy and lays under the soft snow on the pavements making it treacherous to walk. BoJangles wasn’t too impressed either and I had to laugh as I watched him make is way around the edge of the patio and under the bench where the snow hadn’t settled until he could go no further. He then gingerly put his front paws in it, decided it was too cold and made B-Line straight back in, where he stayed in front of the radiator for the rest of the day………what a life!

Still, the snow is a very good reason to stay inside in the warm, grab a steaming cup of coffee and visit a few of my crafty friends who hang out at The Stamping Ground on Wednesdays to show what’s on their desks.

Mine this week has the remnants of my very first card making session of the year.

As you can see, I’ve been making some little gift cards for the LillyBo Quilt Project that Jo has started.

I know exactly where Jo was coming from when she decided she wanted to do this project because I felt the same when I lost my dad back in 2010 and we made Quilts For The Hospice that cared for him, so when Jo asked for help I was only too happy to hold up my hand.  But as you’ve heard me say many times before on here, I’m absolutely useless with a sewing machine, so I’ve offered to made gift cards to go with each of the quilts instead.

Have to say, these are a great way of using up all my scraps!

No photo of my knitting this week, but it’s coming along nicely and I’m a little ahead of where I expected to be.
The first two quarters of the shawl took a week each do but as I’m beginning to remember the pattern I must be knitting faster because I finished the other two quarters last week and have now made a start on the edging which is 20 stitches at its widest part and has to go right around the outside, so it might take some time to finish.

Stay warm and……………..

Happy Crafting!



Lisa said...

Your cards are adorable. And your space looks so organized. Love how you store your ribbon. Happy WOYWW! LisaDV #116

Annie said...

Oh Sue you little cards are gorgeous. I've been sorting out my fabrics today to see which go together best for my first quilt....never really made one before so it's all a learning game for me.
A x #47

die amelie said...

Love your perfectly organized storage, Sue! With me it's all sorts of various boxes...well, I always tell myself it keeps the brains busy trying to remember what can be found in which of them *lol

Enjoy your WW-evening!

die amelie x

Pam said...

The little cards are lovely. I will share some of the stamp sets next week, there are a couple in there that I have to keep under wraps as they are from the new SU summer mini which isnt out for a few weeks! hugs Pam x

lisa said...

Hi Sue.
Glad you are keeping safe and warm. I think you've had far more of the white stuff than we've had here in Yorkshire. It's thawing fast now.
Love those cards you've created for Jo, they are so pretty and that ribbon storage is fab. How many ribbons do you have!!!!!
Thank you for visiting already and your lovely comments. I am much calmer now!! Thankfully, DD doesn't take too much to heart, it's me being a typical protective parent!!
Hugs Lisax #60

okienurse said...

beautiful cards Sue and I am sure that they will go perfectly with the quilts! Thanks for stopping by my desk! Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Vickie #35

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Your cards are lovely, Sue and they will be a great contribution to LillyBo really IS the thought that counts :)
Well done with your knitting, you're really motoring along...the edging will probably seem interminable though!
Hugs, LLJ 37 xx

fairy thoughts said...

Hi your bojangles sounds just like my dog rosie she will only go out if she HAS to. I have just sytarted my quilt, love the cards you have made to go with them. it is wonderful how so many friends are helping
janet #30
sorry if this is a duplicate ... blogger agh!

Lucy said...

That's a lovely thing you're doing for the Lilybo Quilts movement. My colleague Fairy Thoughts told me about it the other day and I'm looking into making a quilt too - just need to get some batting! Thanks for popping by, Lucy #18 x

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Sweet little Lilybo gift tags. So fitting. Great projects by all involved. Thanks for stopping by, enjoying the inside too. High winds, and below zero temps here, no moisture though. Have a great week

Eliza said...

Your cards are so cute and sweet, such a delight to any person receiving them that's for sure and the storage you have there for your ribbons is it, clever.

I have enjoyed my visit to your desk this week, thank you.

Happy Belated WOYWW

Becky said...

You have a lovely desk and i like how your ribbon is stored. Beautiful cards :) Stay warm!

Rebekah said...

What a lovely idea. Those cards are beautiful! I have some fun sewing stamp sets and would love to make more of those kinds of cards for my seamstress friends! I don't sew either....eeep!

trisha too said...

Sue, those cards are absolutely charming! My mom quilts, so now of course I'm going to have to make her one like these, thank you for the idea!

Happy WOYWW!
:)trisha, #164 this week

JoZart said...

Now I am really really overwhelmed. These cards are beautiful and personalised too. You are a star!
Will be in touch soon with the insert info,
Thanks Sue!
Love Jo x

Carol Cel said...

Your cards are so pretty - is that ribbon wrapped around thread cards? I have been considering doing this. How does it work for you? Carol Cel 121 - and thanks for visiting my work desk

Robin Spitzer said...

What a great idea, doing the cards instead. Oh and they are beautiful. I would love to have a day in the snow!

this is coming from California ....cold but no snow! (Cold is in the 50's).

Robin @151

BJ said...

Gorgeous cards for the project BJ#27

Darnell J Knauss said...

Oh, Sue, what a brilliant idea to make the little gift cards for Jo's quilts! They are absolutely adorable!!

Hope you are no longer dealing with ice on the roads and walks. Thanks so much for coming by to visit the Playhouse. As you can see, I'm a slowpoke and still getting around. I had to work, poor me, two whole days this week. These crafters who have blogs and work full-time and some even have young kids (!) have to totally be on crack. What? Oh, you think 30 years difference in ages is how they do it? Well, sure, there's that.

Have a great weekend! Darnell #131

Queen Lightwell said...

Those cards are lovely! And your floss is so neatly organized...its yummy to look at! :) I thank you for your comment on my desk and I did respond to it...believe it or not there is plenty of space to craft in! :) It is a bit bigger than the picture made it out to be, but it's still cozy, which is why I call it my craft cave. :) But I have a rolling and swiveling chair so its actually pretty handy having everything pretty close as I can just roll over to it or swivel around to it. Lazy? Nah! lol Anyways, thanks for stopping by. Deeyll #161

April Story said...

I'm with you - I love the snow - ice, not so much. The cards are adorable. I like the quilt theme. April #110

JoZart said...

Those cards are perfect and you are a star to make them for us. TYTYTY!
Nice neat desk despite all your enterprises there.
There's still a kid in you yet... loving the snow. I love it for fleeting moments, the beauty and fun when it's fresh then reality sets in!
Love Jo x