Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Spring is in the air.

It’s so long since I visited my friends who congregate over at The Stamping Ground for   What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday,    two  months in fact, so I thought it was about time I dropped by to say hello and see what you’re all up to.

I’ve been keeping myself busy with knitting (got the bug again after knitting baby bits for my God Daughter’s little girl) and my cross stitch of course, so at last I have something to share with you.

 I spotted this pattern in Hobbycraft and decided it was perfect for what I wanted.
 I got the wool in there too, Sirdar Freya, which is a brushed cotton that knits up chunky and warm, while remaining light weight. 

The finished article looks enormous and it is because I’m a rather large lady, but it fits perfectly and was just perfect.

In fact it was so perfect a fit that I brought the wool and knitted two more, using the pattern for the number of stitches and shaping but doing my own thing pattern wise.

I also have my next knitting project lined up, this edge to edge jacket. 
It’s done in a Mega Chunky mix of cotton and wool, which  I’m hoping will be perfect for Spring.  All I need to get are the 10mm which I’m lacking.  Don’t recall ever knitting on such large needles. I’ve chosen and deep shade of Aubergine for mine.

On to my cross stitch and Celtic Autumn is coming along nicely. 

All the actual cross stitch is finished and I’m in the process of stitching on the beads…’s so time consuming and tedious but so worth all the effort when it’s finished.

So that’s about it from me I think. 

I really should stop by more often I know,  but now that I’m not making cards and things I have very little to share each week and seeing the same piece of stitching week after week must get boring, but having said that, it doesn’t mean I don’t drop by to snoop in between my visits to Julia.

 I have just two more pictures to share with you before I go.

The first is of a Black Bird who was busily gorging himself on my Pyracantha (Firethorn).
 And the second is bird related too.

With Spring just around the corner and the birds busy building their nests, I decided to put out all my off cuts of wool in an olds feeder together with  all the fur that comes from BoJangles when I brush him.   Hopefully they will end up with soft, warm and pretty nests this year.
Happy Crafting!