Saturday, 11 April 2009

So Many Messages

Afternoon all.

I just thought I would drop in and give you a quick up date on my progress.
The good news is that I’m still virtually pain free which is something I’m so relieved about having been in agony for almost 10 months, so I decided to do a little bit of blog hopping and thank a few people while I'm on my travels and then head off to make a cup of coffee.

But before I disappear again I just thought I’d point you in the direction of Stamped Smiles where Vicki where she’s offering two mega piles of fabulous blog candy.
Get over there and have a look for yourselves!

Anyway, thanks again for all your get well messages and have a great Easter Weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, glad the knee op is overwith and sounds like it went smoothly. :) Hope all is back to normal soon. I'm drooling over your choccies!! :)


Lynda said...

Hope your recovery goes well and the op was a success. My friend has just had a similar procedure and is doing quite well now so hopefully you'll be back to normal very soon.
Love Lynda xxx

Anonymous said...

Hope everything goes well for you! Thanks so much for the mention and I wish you good luck!! :) HUGS