Friday, 10 April 2009

On The Mend!

Hi all,
Well I'm home and the knee op is well and truly all behind me now.

My surgeon said he was happy with the way it went.
He trimmed the tear in the cartilage and also removed the debris from behind the knee cap that was causing the grating in my knee, but it didn’t all go quite to plan.

It was intended that I would have a general anaesthetic for the procedure but when the anaesthetist came to see me before the op she said that there was still a problem with thyroid levels and they had decided it wouldn't be safe to go down that route. This meant having to have an epidural instead and being awake throughout ………..very strange experience. There was no pain though, just the sensation of being pushed and prodded but I really didn't like not being in control of my legs and not being able to move them myself.
I was able to watch the procedure on the screen at the side of me and the strange thing was I didn’t actually relate to the fact I was looking at the inside of my own knee because I couldn’t feel anything.

It was also a bit surreal at times too.
While they were getting me positioned on the operating table I looked up over the green cloth screen they had erected, only to see my left leg up in the air and my foot resting on the doctor’s shoulder.
I didn’t know I get my leg that high. Lol!

The good news is that I'm in very little pain, far less than I expected and I'm able to put my full weight on it already with no problem, although it’s very stiff. The three wounds were left open to allow the fluid they pumped into it to drain out and I have to go to see the nurse at my own surgery in two weeks to have them checked.
In the mean time I have to rest it to bring down the swelling and also have some physio exercises to do at home three times a day, then it’s back to see the consultant in six weeks.

So as I said I’m home, having been transported from the hospital by my wonderful friend Susan’s OH, Edd and just so wouldn't get boared they left me with a big pile of magazines to read and this rather large Easter egg
to munch my way through while I’m on the mend. Then yesterday my day was brightened by some more very special friends.
First there was a knock at my door in the morning and I was greeted by these beautiful flowers, sent by Nicki in Switzerland,

and then in the afternoon another knock at the door and this enormous box of Thornton’s chocolates arrived from the lovely Sharon.

How lucky am I to have such wonderful friends…..Thanks You Girls..........and Edd! (((hug)))

Well, I shall be back joining in all the challenges again as soon as I’m able to sit a my desk and computer in comfort but for now I have to rest it.

See you all soon I hope.

X x


Kathy said...

oooooh, I'm really not sure I could have actually watched them poking about inside my kneee, Sue! That's just a step too far - pardon the pun.

Glad to see you home and feeling better - and how fab to have all those lovely pressies waiting for you.

Big hugs, Sue, hope you're well enough to craft soon too, I miss seeing your makes

Anonymous said...

So glad to see your home and feeling better! Wishing you quick heeling! And boy...look at all those yummy chocolates!! WOW! know I couldn't comment without saying something about that...did you?!!

Hope to see your lovely creations soon!! Have a lovely Easter weekend and enjoy it!! ;) HUGS

Anonymous said...

Hi Susie-girl

Glad you're still feeling fine - just don't over-do it while I'm away :-)

You'll be pleased to know I have now started to pack - just as Peter announced he was going to the dump with some last-minute re-cycling!!!!! WHY OH WHY OH WHY do men have to do things at the LAST-MINUTE!!!!!! Drives me mad!

So, over and out for a while - fish here we come!

Much love and Happy Easter
Nicki xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Chrissie said...

Sounds like you've been through the mill. What wonderful friends you have... I'm sure all those good wishes will speed you on your way to recovery. So I'll add my good wishes too!