Saturday, 14 March 2009

Oh no………What have I done to deserve this!

I’m still sleeping quite a lot at the moment due to the effects of the jet lag but I had a very rude awakening this morning as I got up and was quickly brought to my senses by the disaster that had struck in the early hours of this morning.

I could hear running water and as I went into my lounge I was greeted by the horrific sight of water poring from the ceiling about the fire place. Needless to say I was in a complete panic as I tried to find out what the problem was.

I knew the water wasn’t coming from any of my own pipe work because I live in a ground floor maisonette and all my pipes run through the floor and there was no way I could stop it.
I asked upstairs but they couldn’t see any evidence of a leak anywhere but after about half an hour a plumber arrived and found that their central heating boiler had split. They drained down the system and the water eventually stopped running, but what a mess!

I’m now left with a very soggy carpet, torn, wet ceiling paper, wall paper coming away from the wall in places and every single towel I own is in a sopping wet pile in the bath waiting to be washed.

The insurance is going to be a nightmare to sort out too.
The people up stairs will obviously claim on their policy but I have to claim on my own insurance which they will then claim back from the other company.
This means a claim for the carpet on my contents insurance and another on my buildings insurance for the damage to the walls and ceiling. Then I will have the problem of trying to get back to two lots of excess that I will need to pay because the girl I spoke to this morning says I still have to pay that up front.

Oh well, I guess it could have been worst…… could have happened while I was on holiday in Florida!


Lythan said...

Oh Sue - how awful!
Is your Dalmatian cell ok?
It is such a shock when something like that happens

Maria Matter said...

OMGosh, Sue, that's awful!!!
I hope you can get it sorted out without too much frustration!
Blessings, Maria

CM2 said...

Sorry to hear about your home problems!

I've just become acquainted with your blog and was wondering if you could clear up a question I have concerning a previous post? Were the tags initially colored or if not what did you use to color them? TIA

SueH said...

Hi CM2
I couldn’t track down your blog to leave to a personal message so I hope you come back and see this reply.

The tag cards you are referring to came in those colours when I acquired them. They were part of a Self Addressed Kit.

CM2 said...

Ahhhhhh Sue
No blog here, too busy checking out everyone else's wonderful work! Thanks for solving my question!! ^o^ CM2

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry Sue!! I hope everything gets better soon!! Sending you hugs!