Wednesday, 14 August 2013

WOYWW 219 - Did you miss me?

Boy, have I had a fraught couple of weeks.

Getting on for three weeks ago, my poor 81 year old neighbour ( and BoJangles sitter)  Pat, tripped in her bedroom and managed to fracture her hip and her shoulder, resulting in a partial hip replacement, and since then myself and another of her friends have been back and forward to the hospital visiting because her two sons can't manage to visit until the weekends.  I would hate to think of her sitting there all week with no visitors.
Anyway, I'm pleased to say she's well on the mend and as of last Thursday she was supposed to be coming home...........then she wasn't.........then she was........then she wasn't again, but  not because she’s not ok.  It's all because they can’t sort out a care package for her….….apparently the London and Essex health authorities don’t communicate with each's so frustrating.

So with all that going on time for crafting has had to be snatched here and there when I’ve had half hour to spare and up until now there’s been nothing much to share with you, which is why I've not visited The Stamping Ground for    What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday  for a while.
But grabbing a little crafting time here and there can prove productive in the end and on my desk this week is the fruits of my labours….....….more cards for the   LillyBo Quilt Project . 

There are 33 this time round, bringing my grand total up to 101 cards in all and I think we are up to quilt 59 on the blog, which is just amazing,  so there should be enough cards to keep us going for a little while longer.

Here’s some close ups of the latest batch.


I’ve also managed to do some stitching in the evenings, mostly Disney squares for  Stitches Of Love And Kindness  and also I’ve done a bit more to my Celtic Autumn Lady. 

You can check out all of my stitching progress over at   I’d Rather Be Stitchin’   but here’s a quick peek at just one of the squares to wet your appetite.


Thanks for stopping by and

 Happy Crafting!








Twiglet said...

Well Sue - what can I say?? Those cards are so beautiful - I was oohing and aahing over each one. Little works of art all of them! x Jo

sharon said...

Lovely cards you have been busy.


Unknown said...

Love those cards, trying to choose favourites, think I was between the pinks and blues.

Glad its not just us here in Sefton with NHS departments that are dire, and totally incapable of communication with just about anyone, including the patient (dont get me started)

Hope your neighbour is sorted soon and she makes a good recovery.

Lynda #89

ria gall said...

Hi Sue
I have not been around for two weeks so it is great that you and I are back on the hop again.
Sorry to hear about your neighbour poor soul I hope she is home soon.
I love your cards and I think you have done an amazing job with all the cards you have made
Have a good WOYWW and enjoy the rest of your week
Hugs Ria #43

Elizabeth said...

Hi Sue, those cards are lovely and all the more amazing because you have had so little time to craft. Such a shame that neighbour is being treated so shabbily by the various authorities ... what makes it so disgraceful is that they cannot possibly care about her predicament and yet that's what they are paid to do. Hope all is sorted out soon. Elizabeth x #61

Annie said...

Hi Sue,
Yes you've been missed. So sorry to hear about your neighbour but really hope she is well on the mend now. Your cards are all so different and each and every one is beautiful. Well done you.
Annie x

Belinda said...

Hi Sue! I don't think we have met but my jaw is still touching the floor! Wow, I love the cards they are so lovely and wow again at the volume you cranked out! In my crafty dreams, I make so many cards. In reality, I am at a standstill and need to get the mojo moving. So thank you for your inspiration.

Have a blessed day!
Belinda (24)

The Taming of the Glue said...

Wow! Have you been busy or what! Love all the cards and the DDuck at the end is so cute! Hope the Health Authorities manage to sort themselves out and get your neighbour home soon. She'd probably be far happier in her own surroundings. Hugs. Pam#33

JoZart Designs said...

Thank you sososo very much for another batch of beautiful cards. Every one is a gem! They are such a hit, especially with the children's parents.
I've got my grandees staying this week and it's been so hectic with that and everything else going on but I had to send my thanks to you. I nee to write longer to you and cannot find your email... can you email me via my blog side bar and I'll return to you.
I've got a little idea, but need to run it by you first...( no work involved as you've done more than enough)
lots of love Jo x

JoZart Designs said...

Hi Sue
Thanks for your comment and YES! we certainly still have plenty of your lovely cards in hand. We are also slowing down on the quilts until the New Year as all the children going through treatments have now received one so we've really achieved success. There are still several in hand for any new children who are diagnosed. All thanks to you and all the other Super Stars!
We've all been AWOL for a while due to one thing or another so it's good to hear from you. I have never done so much travelling in a year as this one!
love Jo x
Jo x