Wednesday, 5 September 2012

WOYWW #170 - You’ve been Framed

A photo of my desk in the sunshine, now there’s a rare thing, Lol!

It’s deceiving thought because when I put my bins out this morning it was decidedly nippy so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will warm up a bit later and I can grab an hour in the garden with my cross stitch or reading.

Before I show you what’s on my desk today I’ll just give you a little update on my eye situation.

I was at the hospital on Monday and had the laser treatment to remove part of the secondary cataract that had grown and I’m pleased to say it went well and no pain or discomfort, so that was a bonus.

My sight improved almost immediately but because it was thicker than they first thought I have a lot of little floaters in my eye from the debris left behind after the treatment but they tell me that they will settle down in a day or two which I hope is correct because it’s distracting……like lots of little black flies buzzing around me.

My only worry now is that one of the side effects of the treatment can be a delayed retinal detachment (which I had in the first place and started the whole nightmare off) so it’s a waiting game and only time will tell, so fingers crossed it doesn’t happen again.

So now it’s back to crafting for me big time and here’s what I have to show all you Whatsonyourworkdesksaholics  (I’ve just invented a new word, Lol)  who congregate over at The Stamping Ground every Wednesday.

All I can say about this today is that it's all Trish’s fault because until she sent me all those lovely paints and the canvas a few weeks back I had never ventured into the realms of Acrylic paint but now, here I am altering a picture frame and getting very messy with it.

I wanted to make a little gift for my Slimming world consultant who is leaving us this week, to say thank you for the support she’s given me over the last Eight months, because without her help to keep me on track (most of the time) I don’t think I would have lost the two stone that I have.

As soon as I saw the chart for this little cutie I knew it was just right for Emma because she’s surrounded by all the good thing we can eat on our plan, Pasta and fresh veggies.
Maybe not the cake she seems to be making but we can pretend she’s whipping up an omelette, Lol!

I’m still not sure what I’m doing with the frame, it will evolve as it goes along I'm sure, so pop back in a day or two and you’ll see how it turned out.

Also on my desk this week are the lovely pile of LOTV stamps that I was lucky enough to win. I’ve not used them yet other than to stamp out the images you see in each packet but I really do need to make a start on ‘Christmas’ so over the next few weeks I’m guessing they are going to get a good bashing.

Well, I have nothing else to report so I’ll say ‘Happy Crafting’ for now and I’ll be stopping by later to see what masterpieces everyone is working on this week.

See you in a while.


Update - You can see the finished frame here.


Annie said...

Hi Sue. So glad to hear the eye op went well. Hope the floaters settle down soon for you. Love the latest x stitch....I'm sure it will be well loved.
A x #85

House of Bears said...

Hello there. Hope you're recovering from your eye problem. We love your stitchy present and all the stamped images. We just made a start on our Christmas cards today.

The bears @#110

lisa said...

I'm so glad your eye treatment went well, Sue. The laser treatment they do is amazing isn't it. My Mum had both eyes done earlier this year and she can see better than she's done for 50 years!!
Your desk is looking very messy for you. Can't wait to see what you do with that frame.
Love the x stitch too.
It warmed up beautifully here today. I just hope it lasts for a few more days.
Hugs Lisax 105

Brenda Brown said...

Thanks for sharing your creative space today.
hugs {brenda} xox #147

jill said...

Sue the finished fames look amazing . happy crafting jill #78

Mini said...

Hi there. Your link on WOYWW? jumped out at me because I am a Sue, too. Today is my first post on there. I hope your eye situation is getting sorted for you. One thing - if the floaters don't go, don't worry. I have them and most of the time don't notice. :o)
Sue x (MiniOwner #145)

Danielle said...

Glad to hear the surgery went well. Hope the floaters go away quickly.

The finished frame is beautiful! What a lovely gift! And the stamped images are adorable. I never heard of that company before. Have fun with them. dani 137

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Great news about your eye - may the improvement continue and the floaters disappear!
That cross stitch (and the finished frame) is a really fab gift for your consultant. I'm sure she'll love it - such a thoughtful prezzy :) Well done on the two stone loss..I'm at the start of a long way to go with my weight..slow and steady wins the race!
Hugs, LLJ #81 xx

Terry said...

I'm glad the eye procedure went well. Here's hoping for good eye health! I love the way your desk is set up. Looks like you've been really creative lately.


Terry #87 (thanks for visiting my blog already!)

Redanne said...

Oh Sue, you have had a time of it, hope the eye continues to improve and the floaters float away. Love your win from LOTV, what a bumper bundle that is - I am tempted but have not taken the plunge yet, need to get my skates on or Christmas will be here already! Beautiful finished frame, loving your flowers and the needlework is perfect. Anne x #47

okienurse said...

WOW what a lot of stamps! Love the bears!! Glad to hear your eye surgery went well. My husband had surgery for detached retina's several years back then a couple of years ago had to go through the cataract surgeries cause he just couldn't see even with glasses. Chuck had the floaters for a week or so and really fretted over it but then decided he could see so much better and everything was so much brighter and colorful that he could put up with them if he had to! Suddenly one night he realized that like they said the floaters were gone! LOL! Hope yours goes quicker then his! Thanks for visiting my blog. Enjoyed the comment. Vickie #66

Ali H said...

Hi Sue thanks for coming by ! Love what you have done with the frame - great colours & texture in the paint ! It looks brilliant with you cross stitch ! Have fun with your new stamps & hope your eyes settle down soon & you can see so much better ! Ali #57

Becky said...

I hope things go well with your eye :) Your work is amazing! Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Tertia said...

Lucky you to win all those stamps! Hope the eyes are a lot better by now and no nasty side effects.
The frame is going to be very nice I am sure and the cross stitch is adorable.
Happy belated WOYWW!
Tertia. #70

Paula Gale said...

wow - what a great prize Sue - all those lovely LOTV stamps...

so sorry to read about your eye problems - I hope by this time they've settled down. Because I'm reading these posts backwards, and because I've already now seen what you've completed for your SW consultant, she is gonna be floored by what you've made her - extremely kind of you. What a parting gift to receive! Awesome!


Paula x x x

p.s. I love playing with acrylic paints - but need to do it loads more. It's quite gratifying when you see the outcome of your work... xx