Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Picture in a Frame… last! & WOYWW (#115)

Hi all!

You know, I can’t believe that a week has gone by and we’re all back here nosing around the WWW again. That’s ‘World Wide Work desks’ in this case and as usual our hopper in chief is keeping us up to scratch with proceedings over at the The Stamping Ground, so pop over and join in the fun why don’t you.

I actually started the day making another LO for the family tree album, this time of my Mum and Dad’s wedding but when I came to do the journaling I couldn’t remember the name of the church they were married in.
The obvious place to look is on their marriage certificate but unfortunately my brother still has that and I couldn’t get hold of him so it was no help, but then I remembered the box file I have, full of all sorts of papers that dad had got together when he started to research the family.

I wondered if there might be anything in there, so the LO got pushed to the back of my desk and then I started to go through the papers……….now I know why I hadn’t tackled it before!

This is how my desk was looking last night.

As you can see, I have papers all over the place.

There’s lots of information there but it’s in no order what so ever, which is understandable given that dad could hardly see, bless and I’ve found multiple copies, sometimes as many as eight, of the same pages so I decided to leave the LO for a while and try and sort it out.

There’s lots of stuff in there for people I’ve never heard of but who are definitely part of the family so I need to take time to study it all and get in contact with a couple of the people dad was corresponding with via email in a bid to get some order to it all.

Oh, and despite all that sorting I still didn’t find out the name of the church so the LO will have to wait until I see my brother at the weekend.

You can just see a glimpse of the LO poking out from the pile of papers and the lovely vintage Mother of Pearl buttons that I plan to use somewhere on it.

And last but not least I thought I would share a photo of my mum and dad with you.

We don’t have many photos of them together, mainly because mum was so thin due to illness and hated the picture being taken but this one was snapped at a family wedding back in the 1980’s and I’ve only just this week managed to find a frame that I liked for it.

Hope you all have a fantastic week and …………………………

Happy Crafting!


sasa said...

Loving the look of the project colours - it sounds wonderful...easy to get side-tracked by other paper too. Hope it goes well!
Thanks for sharing today,
Sarah (at 2)

Wipso said...

Lovely photo of your Mum and Dad. Really looking forward to seeing the finished LO.
Have a great week.
A x

Helen said...

Sounds and looks like you have your hands full sorting that pile - but it will be worth it, and you will discover lots, I am sure! Love the photo of your parents.

voodoo vixen said...

I can see why you have avoided the sorting process but know that you can find such gems if you persevere - I leave my husband to the geneology research (we call it looking for dead people). Your framed photo looks lovely, a perfect touch to a treasured photo. I can feel for you when you want to get a LO finished and can't because of one detail!!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Lovely soft colours for the layout, it will look beautiful :) That's a great pic of your mum and dad, lots of memories there... xx

Sue said...

Hi ya
looking forward to seeing your LO, the papers look lovely, great piccie, a great project, thanks for the mooch, happy WOYWW, sue,x

Elizabeth said...

Enjoyed your post. I think you'll enjoy sorting through those papers - old certificates make interesting reading. I like the vintage papers that you are using for your layout and the photograph of your parents is definitely one to treasure. Elizabeth x #70

Hazel said...

You've found a lovely frame for the photo - very special. Hope you get the papers sorted - you never know, the name of the church might come to you just as you're dropping off the sleep! Hope you are well xxxx

dianneo said...

Don't you hate it when you search and search for something to finish a layout or card or what not and can't find it? That drives me crazy!

kath said...

good luck with completing your family the beautiful papers you are using.....thanks for the crafty snoop..hugs kath xxx

Angie said...

I so easily get side tracked if presented with a box of papers or old photos ...cant wait to see the new LO.
I think that is a perfect frame ...has an 80's feel.

ScrappnBee said...

Glad that you were able to find a frame for such a rare picture. Hope that you find the name of the church soon...come to think of it, I do not know the name of the church where my parents were married...hmmm. Have a happy WOYWW! -Amanda

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh great picture..a real treasure if your Mum was camera shy. Sounds like the family heritage bug has firmly bitten. I'd have been the same - going through the box of papers and creating a system and getting involved in every piece of paper would certainly distract me from everything else for a long time - how fascinating.

Tertia said...

Hope all those papers get sorted out very soon, it sounds like quite a daunting task.
The LO looks like its going tobe great.

Anonymous said...

That's going to be a lovely LO when you get it finished, I'll look forward to reading about it on you FH blog too. Great that you have the papers, even if it's a bit of a clutter, some of us have nothing lol!! Lovely photo of your parents and how lovely that you finally get to display it.

Brenda 80

okienurse said...

WOW a busy desk. I had to sort through stacks of paper when my mom passed and it was such a downer. I learned a lot of family history though so it made it worth it. Have a great week. Thanks for sharing. Vickie

Twiglet said...

What a lovely photo. Your Lo looks good - what are you going to do with those buttons? Hide them before M snaffles them - she has used all my best buttons for her little cushions with a heart full of buttons on each!

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Love the paper you're using for the LO, and the buttons would make it extra special. Sorry to hear your mom didn't like her picture taken. Reminds me of my sister who says she looks like a siopao when her picture is taken (that's a chinese dimsum)Patsy from