Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Well, here we are at Wednesday again and a wet and soggy one it is too, here in Essex.

As you know, Wednesday’s are the highlight of the week here in blog land because Julia takes us on a tour of the craft desks of the world.
If you’ve no idea what I’m going on about, that’s nothing unusual, but if you go visit the The Stamping Ground all will become clear and you’ll find the details of how to join in.

So my desk today is how I left it in the wee small hours of this morning after a very manic crafting session.

I’ve been making the Order of Service booklets for Rene’s (my friend’s mums) funeral which is this afternoon. Talk about cutting things fine!

I only got the final draft for the service on Sunday evening and because I had to be places on Monday and Tuesday, one being the hospital about my eye which I will tell you about in a mo, I had very little time make them in the end and it was all a bit of a rush really.

I was up until very late on Monday night setting up all the templates for the pages and I sent a copy to my friend so she could give it the once over…… I’m not known for my good spelling and this was all done in a hurry so it was best to get it checked.
When I got the ok from her yesterday afternoon I made a start on the printing and had just finished folding the fifty double sided covers when the phone rang.

It was Sandy with some bad news.

Her brother had just come in and spotted that there was a mistake on the front with one of the dates. I could really kick myself for missing it but then again several other people had looked at it too by then and nobody had noticed I had put the wrong month on it.
It was a complete waste of time, card and ink but I so glad it was spotted before the service because it would have been so embarrassing.

Anyway, I reprinted all the covers (luckily I had brought extra card and spare ink cartridges) and did the inserts which all come out ok in the end.

There’s something very satisfying about all those little piles of Order of Service don’t you think?

Now all we need to do is hope that the rain stops before the service this afternoon.

Now my eye………

I’ve been discharged from the hospital……Yah!

It’s been sixteen months of hell really, from finding I had a detached retina and needing emergency surgery the following day and a second op a year later, to my discharge on Monday but my consultant said that the outcome has been extremely good, given the severity of what I've just gone through.

Now all I have to do is go to my own optician to sort out my new contact lenses (this Saturday) and then it’s onwards and upwards and I won’t be boring you all anymore with my eye problems ……........I can here you all saying, thank heavens for that Lol!

Right then, I must go get a wiggle on because I still have a couple of things to sort out before going to the funeral.

See you soon and thanks for stopping by

Happy Crafting!


Fiona Whitehead said...

oh dear - what tales of woe - such a responsibility for you too to take on the order of service - hope it goes as well as these things can

Karen said...

Sue I do hope the funeral goes as well as such things can go, {{hugs}} to you all. I am glad to hear that you are heading in the right direction, re your eye and I hope it continues to improve.
Have a great WOYWW,
Karen #73

Sue said...

such good news Sue - I am so pleased xxx

Anonymous said...

Great news about your eye Sue, that's brilliant. Hope everything went ok for the funeral.

Brenda 114

lisa said...

You've had a real job on by the looks of things. Well done for getting them all done and I hope the day went OK.
Great news with your eyes too. Onwards and upwards is the only way to go.
Happy WOYWW.
Hugs Lisa#126

DottyA Cards & Things said...

It looks like you are a busy gal... and such a nice work area too!

Hazel said...

It's ages since I paid your blog a visit - sorry -it's not that I don't think of you, cos I do. And thanks for leaving me your lovely comments. I'm so pleased to hear about the eye. Oh what a shame about the mistake on the OoS - but so good that it was spotted and that you had enough supplies to do a re-run. I hope the funeral went as well as these events can. Sending you hugs. x

KanataNewf said...

hope everything went well at the service for you all today.

thanks for sharing during our visit for WOYWW.

Sheena #89

Wipso said...

So glad your eye is now much better Sue. It's only when you have a problem with them that you really appreciate whet they do for us isn't it?
Shame about the printing error but at least you put it right before it was too late.
I'm having a really busy week but am quickly dropping by to make sure all our WOYWW friends get the chance to win the last of our weekly draws before the BIG one over in our blog shop. Pop over and join in the fun. Good luck.
A x

okienurse said...

Looks like you have been very busy this week. Congrats on the release from care. My husband had one retina come completely detached on a business trip and spent 4 hours in surgery so they took a look at the other eye and it was letting go too so they fixed it right then. Hope your friends service went off okay. Thanks for sharing! Vickie #52

Julia Dunnit said...

It hasn't been boring...your eyes are vitaland you only sorta notice how vital when they go wrong...well done, you must be so relieved, great outcome from a long journey. The Order of Service look beautiful, I'm sure they will add to the feeling of love and appreciation for Rene at her service.

Jovita said...

Good thing you found your mistake before the service, I'm sure it was very time consuming to do make them a second time.

That is wonderful that you've made such a recovery with your eye.

Have a great week.
Jovi #141

The Crafty Elf said...

You are a good person! This kind of work never goes unnoticed.

Kathy said...

Hi Sue - what fantastic news about your hospital discharge - I'm thrilled for you. You must be so relieved that it's sorted and you can get back to everything again.

What a shame about the OoS mistake, but thank goodness it was spotted in time for you to fix it.

MaggieC said...

Great news about your eye and I hope things continue to improve there. You are so brave, taking on those funeral sheets, which is always going to be a tight schedule, and finding a mistake right at the last minute.... enough to send anyone completely mad... Well done for finishing in time.

RosC said...

My goodness what a challenge the eye has been. Glad it's been successfully cared for. The orders of service are very nice, and will make a lovely keep-sake for the people at the funeral. I quite like doing 'process' does have that manic quality.