Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Agh.....….I need some sun!

Just as I was beginning to think we had turned a corner and the weather was starting to warm up a tiny bit it’s turned really cold again this morning and there’s snow forecast for my neck of the woods today.
It doesn’t help that it’s really dark and miserable too and not the best light for taking photos of my desk, but it is Wednesday and Julie would have us believe that taking a photo compulsory, so I’ve made an effort this morning, especially as I wasn’t around last week to join in with What’s On You Work Desk Wednesday.

I have a very industrious work table this morning and I know that my God Daughter Nichola will be pleased with what’s on there because I was up at the crack of dawn to make a start on her Wedding Invitations.

There’s a neat pile of the outer folders, all cut, printed and folded at the back of the table but the rest is really just piles of card that I’m in the process of cutting to size before getting on with more printing.

The printing is turning out to be a bit of a pain as it goes.
I’m working on Ivory Stardream card and because of the shiny surface I’m having to put each sheet in individually otherwise it won’t feed into the printer and it tells me there’s a paper jam. Needless to say, I spent the first part of the morning bent double printing the folders because my printer is down on the floor under my compute.

This old gal’s not as supple as she used to be!

Once all the cutting and printing is done there’s not much more I can do until I get the rest of the Navy ribbon.

I managed to get the narrow satin one when I was out shopping on Monday, in a little indoor market and got a good price too, just 14p a meter but unfortunately she didn’t have the wider Organza ribbon that I also need, so I’ve had to order it. Hopefully that will be there in a day or two and I can then go back to pick it up but in the mean time at least I can get everything ready.

So is there anything else you might be interested in?

Well, you can see the new Black sink tidy that I brought to store my Marvy Le Plumbs in.
I used to just keep them in a pencil case but seeing as I recently acquired two new sets, (Victorian and Renaissance) I needed something a little bigger. This seems to be working quite well because the divider inside it lets me keep them in colour families.

Also on the table is something that you need to keep your eyes open for on the Daring Cardmakers blog in a couple of weeks time.
I’ve managed to get a sponsor to offer a prize for one of our dares, but I’ll say no more than that at the moment, other than to say that if it doesn’t materialize on the blog on the 5th February you’ll know that I just couldn’t part with it, because it’s gorgeous…………and I want one!

Right then, I’m off to make a mug of coffee and then I’ll be round to see what the rest of you are up to this morning before getting back to the invites.

See you all soon and thanks for stopping by.



Lynda said...

A very neat and tidy desk Sue - how long for though? lol

Take care if it snows!

Love Lynda xxx

Annie said...

I'm helping a friend work on Wedding stationary at the mo Sue so understand where you are coming from there. It sort of goes against the grain with me cos I love making each of my cards different so making a batch doesn't seem so much fun.
Always love you space and all that goes on there.
A x

Chrissie said...

Looks fab Sue, terribly organised and I really fancy the look of those drawers, I just got some this morning, but not as nice as those!

Unknown said...

What a fabulous post ... I feel like I just popped in for a coffee and a chat ... Thank you X

silvercustard said...

good luck with the invites sure your GD will be thrilled with all the work and effort you put in for her - and what an organised crafter you are!!!

claire x

Twiglet said...

Such a lovely tidy desk Sue - I really ought to get back to my dumfing or there will be nothing for that shop shelf!!

Sam said...

We all need some of that hun. Good luck with the invites and getting the other ribbon. I moved my priter to it's current location as i got fed up of bending underneath the computer desk to sort out paper jams (I have the same problem with some card as well).
Take care
Sam x

Nicks said...

looks a perfectly organised desk!

Rosie said...

That's a well organised space - does my heart good to see I'm not the only tidy one ...

Great idea about the sink tidy - I keep my markers in a thingy that came with a plant in it! (It was the thingy I wanted, not the plant) ...

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

You are brave doing wedding stationery - I was too much of a coward to offer to do my niece's 18 months ago 'cos I was sure something would go wrong. Will have to pop over to see the dare and if I remember in Feb to check out the 'gorgeous' thing :)
Anne xx

Anonymous said...

Did someone mention coffee?? I'm there! Lovely tidy desk Sue, but I suppose you will have to be organized to make wedding stationery because there's so many of them. Good luck with that, would love to see how they turn out.


Julia Dunnit said...

Lawks Sue, your desk is efficient and organise, you'll have that job done in a jif! And the stardream behaves badly in my printer too, so good luck with that!

Pam said...

Love the colour for the invites, they wil look fab. i'm not very good on doing batches of the same things, I've been asked to come up with a design for some wedding favours using the sizzix takeout box die and if that comes off with have to make 70!! Hugs Pam

Susie Sugar said...

How do you make such lovely creations and not make any mess....have you got a little tidy up fairy there with you ....send her round !!! please
Thanks for sharing
Hugs Susie xx

Helen Laurence said...

You look very organised!! I could do with some sun too. If you get any throw some this way!!

Sorry for the delayed snoop, mental week !

ana said...

what type of base paper are you using to make the invites?

SueH said...

It's Stardream Ana.
The details are in the blog post.