Wednesday, 16 December 2009

What's on my Work Desk????????

I’m sure that Santa’s little helpers aren’t playing fair and are nicking days out of my week. …….these Wednesday’s are coming round far too fast!

But I guess I have to except that it’s here and that can only mean one thing………..a spot of blog hopping, starting at Julie’s Blog to see what’s on everyone has on their desk this week.

I finished a couple of cards off first thing this morning, before going to the hospital for a check up on my knee (I’ve been discharged I’m pleased to say) and going for lunch with my Dad and friends Susan & Edd.

My photo’s are not very good I’m afraid, due to the bad light but hopefully you’ll be able to see the orderly mess that I was working in before I went out.

Right at the front you can see my wonderful set of Elusive Image stamps that I’ve had for a couple of years.
I never get fed up with using them and this time I’ve been making a Christmas card for my Dad with lots of Gold embossing and lovely Amber gems on.

The other cards there are my final Christmas card…….all have to make now is a few tags and then I can start wrapping up my pressies.
I seem to have got very behind with everything this year, which is not like me but I’m putting it down partly to ‘The Eye’ and partly because of my trip to the Christmas Markets in Germany.
I did manage to get my tree is up at the weekend thought so things are coming together slowly.

Here’s a few photo from our trip

As we entered our hotel we were greeted by the biggest Gingerbread house I’ve ever seen. They even encourage you to help yourself to the sweeties and biscuits by leaving a bowl of them for you to help your self.
This is my friend Sandy just having a quick nibble!

The market is Wiesbaden, where we were staying is quite large and gets very busy, especially on a Saturday evening.
There were lots of stalls selling all sorts of nick knacks from decorations to cake making paraphernalia and everything in between, as well as the obligatory Bratwurst rolls and Gluhwein, to keep us fed and watered…..just keep out the cold you understand.

We also had a couple of days out, one to Heildburg and the other to Rudesheim which is such a pretty place with little quaint cobbled streets.

Here we were encouraged to try the local (and famous) Rudesheim coffee, that’s laced with local brandy and is delivered to your table with flames coming for the top…….delicious indeed.
We finished off out trip with a meal in Langan’s Brassiere on the boat, something that’s become a bit of a tradition and it was just as well because the channel crossing was a little choppy to say the least.

All in all it was a great weekend and a fun start to our Christmas celebrations.

Wherever I go in the world, I always try and bring home a new decoration or two for my tree.
Every one of them brings back special memories but my favourites have to be the pieces of Gold plated Holly, Mistletoe, Aspen Leaf and sprig of Fir that I brought back from Aspen and the Lead Crystal Penguin from Tiffney’s in New York.
This year’s decorations weren’t quite as ostentatious but equally beautiful in their own right because they are typically German.
There were so many different blown glass ornaments, something that Germany is famous for and it made it very difficult to choose which ones to have.
In the end I decided on a few of each of these beautiful little birds, candles and snowflakes.

And here’s what my finished tree looks like this year.

Well, that’s it from me for now; I’ll see you all shortly, as I do a spot of blog hopping to see what you’ve all been up to this cold and very snowy Wednesday.

Thanks for stopping by.



Susie Sugar said...

Sue your dad will love his card its really lovely
and your trip looked great I bet you had so much fun , the gingerbread house is amazing !!!
Sending you warm christmas wished from my cold craftroom !! lol
Love Susie xx

Ann said...

Oh what gorgeous ornaments and a beautiful Christmas tree as a result! I've got quite sidetracked from your desk by the lovely photos of your trip. I am very envious.
Your desk is looking busy but far too tidy! I'm sure your Dad will love his card. I too have that set of stamps and use them every year on something or other.

Julia Dunnit said...

Sounds as if you're making progress..the knee, the eye - am very glad for you. And am a little let down that you think your desk is messy, even if you consider it organised mess! Those Elusive stamps are gorgeous..and EVER so clean!

Linby said...

Hmm nice and tidy! Just wanted to say that Promarkers are £6.79 at Joanna Sheen and it is free p&p reckon they must be more at Hobbycraft!

Pam said...

Your Photos from the market look great, especially the gingerbread house. Love the christmas tree card. Hugs Pam

Sam said...

wow - that's one heck of a Gingerbread House!!! And yes, I reckon someone is stealing days and it must be someone from the North Pole because they want Christmas to get here sooner!! ;-)

Angie said...

what beautifl bird decorations ...they had some nice ones at Edinburgh but I was not sure I'd get them safely home year I will be prepared. Wow that was an amazing Gingerbread House ...I love all the German Gingerbread biscuits some coated in honey.

Love your 'DAD' card ...elegant and festive.

Deanne said...

those stamps are gorgeous love the embossing. and as for that gingerbread house - yuummmmmy

Kathy said...

That golden card is a real treasure Sue.

Thank you for showing all those lovely photos, it looks like a wonderful trip you had. The new ornaments are beautiful and so is your tree