Wednesday, 23 December 2009

What’s on my Work Desk Wednesday?

I’ve just got back for a very manic place………Sainsbury’s.

Why does Christmas food shopping bring out the worst in people when it comes to parking? They all want to get as close to the entrance of the shop as possible and I saw several people arguing over spaces. Not me I might add, I went down a row furthest away from the shop entrance. There was no one down there waiting and I drove straight into a space, how was that for luck.
The shop was heaving but fortunately I had done the bulk of our shopping yesterday when it was much quieter, all I had to pick up was the Turkey and last minute bits and then I was out of there!

Now then, what’s on my desk today?
Well not a lot as it goes, but what is there is full of calories.

I finished off all my paper crafting on Monday evening and have had a major tidy up, so everything is away now until after Christmas but I still wanted to join in so I thought I would show you the other bit of crafting I’ve been doing…….My Christmas Cupcakes.

They were made using a recipe from the BBC Good Food magazine and they are really very tasty. Yes, I know there are meant to be for Christmas but I had to try them out for quality control purposes, right!

They are real little Christmas fruit cakes with marzipan and icing. I made the snowflakes by cutting the large flake from White Fondant icing and the smaller flower center from some fondant that I’d coloured pale Blue and then decorated them with little Silver balls.

Well, that’s my offering for today and until after all the festivities I expect.
If you feel like joining in with the nonsense that is What’s on your Work Desk Wednesday just pop over to Julie’s Blog. and leave a message there and then we’ll all pop over to see your desk

Thanks for all the lovely messages that you’ve left for me through out the year and I hope you all have a fab Christmas.

x x x


Sue said...

do you need a hand with testing I am a VERY good tester honest

Have a FAB Christmas Sue and a Great 2010


Wipso said...

Hi Sue. Live the cupcakes. We also went to Sainsbury's this morning. Had to queue to park, fight our way down every aisle and queue to pay. Total madness. Anyone would think the shops were shutting for 6 months. I'm back home with my honey and lemon and going to have some well earned R & R and hope I can shift my head cold pretty soon. Happy Christmas to you and yours.
A x

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh delightful desk today Sue! And well done you, sounds like your ready. I, on the other hand..not far off tho'!
The cakes look gorgeous, great idea.

Lynda said...

Very pretty cupcakes Sue. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Love Lynda xxx

LadyBug said...

Very "crafty" looking cakes :) they look Yummy and I don't even like christmas cake.

Linby said...

oh these are adorable and when I read they are actually mini Christmas cakes I actually let out a real "ahh". Thanks for sharing even if I am now extremely envious!

Susie Sugar said...

Oh Sue those cakes look yummy ....of course you had to try one I may not have stopped at one !!! lol
Have a super Christmas ans a funfilled new year
Hugs Susie xx

Nikki said...

Those Cupcakes look amazing
Those little silver balls must have takin a while to put in

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a lovely Christmas Sue and I'm up for testing those Christmas cupcakes! What a fab alternative to making a big cake. Yumdiddlyumptious!!

Vanessa x