Friday, 11 July 2008

Love’em or Hate’em……………Peel-Off’s, that is!

When I first started making cards most of my goodies came from QVC. Like lots of other people I would find myself avidly watching all the craft and card making slots for some pointers on where to start and inevitable would have ordered two or three things before the show finished. As a beginner to this exciting new world of crafting, the lure of the Peel Off was far too strong to resist because according to the presenters you could produce the most wonderful cards in seconds with this ‘can’t do without’ goodie in your craft box.

Now, I’m not really a lover of peel off’s and don’t use them very often but I honestly can’t say that I hate them either. I brought shed loads when I first started out but now the only ones I occasionally use are the borders and text and at Christmas time Silver snowflakes, all the rest are just sitting gathering dust.

Lythan, over at the Daring Cardmakers has made me blow the dust off them this week with a dare that I thought would have me scratching my head for ages. She says:

You can blame Keryn with her rather lovely cool colours dare last week (great cards all BTW!). I found that I needed to use a peel off and was quite pleased with the results and that got me thinking of a fiendish dare. At least it is for me (Lythan) who is often disparaging of the much maligned shiny sticker. But actually there are some really nice examples of the genre around now. And also people who can do all sorts of gorgeous things with peel off stickers that I would not have thought of. Are you one of them?So go on, rummage around in your craft stash and
Make a card with Peel OffsIf you really truly honestly don't have any peel offs in the house (and remember I know where you live and will be checking personally) then and only then, are you allowed to use another type of sticker in its place. Go on, I dare you!

I decided to have a go with this Silver Poppy design which I’ve never used before.

The peel-off has been stuck onto a sheet of Silver metal foil and then dry embossed from the back, giving a raised appearance on the right side. I then painted the flowers with Twinkling H2o’s.

The two papers used are from Memory Stor and I’ve added a computer printed greeting and some ribbon from my stash


Karen said...

OMG!!!! I can't believe thats a peel off Sue!!! Thats fantastic hon

Lythan said...

this card is just uber amazing!

Chriss Rollins said...

Brilliant and i will have a go at this technique.
I do not usually use peel offs although I have a few in my stash from years ago.
Mostly Black ones.
chriss x

Rosanne said...

A very elegant card

Hazel said...

Wow!! Amazing what you've done with peel offs. I've done a card for the dare, but nothing like this.

Kim said...

What a fab way of using peel-offs. I have loads as well but rarely use them now.