Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Cross Stitch for the Kids Company

A few weeks ago I mentioned that my friend Nicki and I had started to cross stitch for a charity called Kids Company and I gave you a glimpse of the first of two bands I was stitching.
Well, I finished the two of them and sent them out to Switzerland for Nicki to incorporate into the cushion she was making for a six month old little boy.

Here’s the result.

I love the way Nicki has made the felt appliqué animals to match the ones in the little arks on the other side.........it really looks great.

We still have a long list of kids to stitch for, so as soon as I had finished doing the stitching for this one I started on another. This time it's for a young girl of 20 so I decided to go with a flower theme.

I think Nicki has done a wonderful job with this one, matching the colours perfectly don’t you think?
You can see the rest of the cushions that Nicki has made here on her web site and believe me they are well worth a look because they are beautiful.


Kathy said...

These are fab Sue - you and Nicki make a great team!

Miss 376 said...

Absolutely fantastic

SharonL said...

Hi there Sue :)
You and Nicki are making such wonderful gifts for people that need some cheer in their lives. A very worthwhile thing.
I am loving the aida stitched band.
Love Shal. x