Monday, 30 July 2007

Busy Little Bee

No I don’t mean me......... a real busy little bee!

My Good friends Sue and Edd came round on Saturday to put up an awning over my French windows for me ready for when we get some sun this summer. The deal was that if the weather was good they would come over and Edd would do the work and I would provide a BBQ for when it was all the weather was fantastic on Saturday so when the work was finished I prepared the food which Edd ended up cooking (well, he did insist) While we were sitting having a drink waiting for the food to be ready we noticed a little bee that kept flying backwards and forwards carrying bits of leaf. Further investigation showed that the little bee was manoeuvring the bits of leaf into a screw hole under my garden table.

Sorry the photo isn't all that good but I was trying to take it upside down under the table .

The hole wasn’t big enough to make a nest in so I’ve no idea what he was trying to do but it was fascinating to watch.

Anyone know why he would have been doing it?

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