Wednesday, 15 May 2013

WOYWW # 206

Well, it’s Wednesday again and only two weeks to go until the big 4th Birthday celebrations of What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday, over at   The Stamping Ground.

I’ve already received my first ATC from the lovely Jo (Jozart), with strict instructions that it’s not to be opened until the 29th, so it’s sitting here waiting but the anticipation of what’s inside is almost too much to bare.
You see, it arrived in a package along with this beautiful hand dyed Habotai Silk scarf and pen which were gifts to say thank you for making the cards for the LillyBo Quilt project.

Thanks so much Jo, you really didn’t need to do that………. but I’m really pleased you did!
She dropped a hint that the ATC might well have some Silk involved too, so I can’t wait to see what work of art is sitting in that little envelope.

So it’s on to my table this week............thought I’d better make the effort after missing the last two weeks.

It shows some of my wood backed rubber stamps that are heading for ebay. I had a massive sort out over the weekend and put loads of stuff on there but I’ve not even scratched the surface of my stash yet.

If you’re after a bargain you can check out all my listings HERE

On the back corner of the table are a couple of cross stitch projects I’ve been working on this week.

The first is a Disney themed square for SOLAK, ( Stitches Of Love And Kindness.)  It's one of seven I’ve stitched and it’s destined for a quilt for a little 4 year old boy called Rowan.
This square is Jiminy Cricket and I’ve also stitched Woody from Toy Story, Sulley from Monsters Inc. Pinocchio, Pooh Bear ,Donald Duck and Tigger.

The second project I can’t unveil just yet as it could well be going to someone who reads my blog, so you’ll just have to be patient and wait a week or two to see it.

Well, that’s it for another week but just before I go I have one last picture to show you.

At long last I’ve ventured into the scary world of the android phone, which for this technophobe is one dirty great big giant step I can tell you.

Anyway, last week I invested in a Samsung Galaxy 111 mini and I’m just trying to get to grips with it so while out at the Garden centre I just had to snap this.

Pretty impressive, err!

Right, I really am off to snoop on a few desks now and then pack up my own ATC’s to go in the post, so sees you later.

Happy Crafting!




tilly said...

Hi Sue

What a fabulous scarf in those gorgeous colours, the lovely Jo sent me a beautiful lilac/blue kind

Lynn Holland said...

Jo is such a kind and generous person, lovely to see what she sent you
Lynn -50

Annie said...

Another gorgeous scarf from Jo....I had one too....Isn't she such a lovely lady.
Have a great week....I must get my ATCs ready to post too.
A x # 47

Roudi said...

How come everyone is getting their scarves and I'm not!lol
Yours is lovely. I can't wait to see the ATC she's sent you. :)

Happy WOYWW! xx
Roudi #60

Helen said...

gorgeous scarf, well done for not opening the atc. love the peacock - I am just waiting for my first smartphone to arrive (wish he'd hurry up, lol!) today!! Helen, 16

House of Bears said...

It must be stash sort time, as we've just done the same. It's a good excuse to buy new too!!

Waving hi from the bears @#97 this week

Ria Gall said...

Hi Sue
what lovely gifts you all got from helping with the quilt challenge thing.
You have a few lovely bits on your desk today and I have put a few of your ebay items in my watched list.
Love the photo that is stunning
Have a great WOYWW today and a fabby week
Ria #21

The Taming of the Glue said...

The photo of the peacock is gorgeous. I love the colours of the scarf as well. Happy WOYWW. Pam#14

lisa said...

Hi Sue
Love your scarf. I had one too. Jo is amazing!!
I think one little boy is going to be very happy with his gift, I know I would be.
BTW I am e-mailing you right now re the ATC, had completely forgotten, sorry!!
Hugs Lisax #136

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Hi there! Lovely to see you back :-). What a great organisation to give your cross stitch projects to.. You are a lovely person!
And well done for taking on the Brave New world of Techno! The peacock pic is really good :-)
Hugs, LLJ 29 xxx

Twiglet said...

Wow - that puts my cock pheasant in the shade!!!! Yes our little scarves are lovely aren't they. Have a good week. x Jo

Anonymous said...

What a lovely workspace, so many stamps and tools, itches my fingers to start working on it! And I love that peacock!
Thanks a lot for commenting on my blog.
Gabriele #61

Queen Lightwell said...

I really like your setup there, all those drawers full of who knows what! Fun! :) You're up to some sweet things and have received a lovely scarf as well...seems fitting for a lovely person to receive such a lovely gift! :) Thanks for stopping by my desk already and leaving me a funny and accurate're right that at the moment there is NO room left to craft on my desk! lol Time for a tidy, huh? :) Deeyll #72

Nikki said...

Beautiful scarf and waiting till the 29th to open up your ATC the horror lol it's even worse that it's right there and if you know what's inside just not what it looks like. Shame your getting rid of most of your stash but I understand how it is at times we all need a fresh start at times
hugs Nikki #2

Katie D said...

Thanks for popping by my blog! How can you wait on opening it? It must be so difficult!!

Katie 122

Di said...

Wow Sue, that scarf looks fabulous and it's good to peek at your desk.

But I think that glorious peacock kinda stole the show :)

Belated Happy WOYWW! Hugs, Di xx

Anonymous said...

Ooh Sue, PB stamps on ebay, that must have taken some doing! LOVE the scarf from Jo and I know the atc will be equally fantastic, difficult to hold off opening it. Wool on my desk is probably for a scarf as it's thicker weight, but not decided yet.


Cazzy said...

Late Happy WOYWW! My stash for sale pile is growing into several boxes and I haven't scratched the surface yet either! Love the scarf and pen, and the intriquing envelope!

Cazzy x #152/153