Wednesday, 13 June 2012

WOYWW #158 - What a mess!

Coffee and breakfast at the ready……time for another worldwide blog hop thanks to our hopper-in-chief   Julia,  over at The Stamping Ground.

This week it’s not just my craft room that looks like a bomb has hit it but the whole of my maisonette.

And the reason………..a couple of weeks ago I asked a guy who does my decorating for me if he could give me a quote to paint my kitchen and bathroom and also paper and paint my hall way. I didn’t hear anything from him for weeks but then out of the Blue at 7.30 on Monday morning I had a phone call from Pete saying he was at a loose end this week and could he start here.

Well, to say I panicked slightly is a bit of an understatement because I had made plans to go out for the day on Monday to meet up with a couple of crafty friends but if Pete wants to start you don’t put him off otherwise it’s months before you see him again, so I was rushing around to move things in readiness before going out. Fortunately I know him well and was able to leave him my key and still go out but when I arrived back home at around 4.30 in the afternoon I discovered that he and his son had started to work on all three rooms at the same time, so you can imagine the mess in my tiny flat, not to mention the dust.

Today they plan is to do all the paintwork which involves four doors, all off the narrow hallway and emulsion the hall, bathroom and kitchen, so I think I’m going to get right out of the way today and go shopping in search of a new mirror because it’s not going to be easy to get in and out of my craft room or any other room for that matter.

This morning’s shot of my Workdesk was taken at 7.30 before I’d even opened the curtains and is from a slightly different angle than usual giving you a wider view but what you can’t see behind me is all the stuff, including a cabinet that’s come out of my bathroom.

You can see a little collection of cards that I made at the weekend on the one side of my table and one that I was working on last night, waiting to be finished.

My computer desk is as bad and has become a dumping ground too, with lots of paperwork that need sorting and putting away and my breakfast is on there too, which I’m eating as I type!

The large mirror you can see is rather gorgeous isn’t it?

Alas, it’s not mine but it’s something like that I want to look for today when I go out.  I think it would look rather nice on the wall in my hall.

This one is destined to be the base of the table plan I have to make for Carols wedding in August and is my next biggish project.

Well that's about it for today, the boys have arrived and I’m getting out of the way as fast as I can. 
I'll be calling in later this afternoon to see what you're upto this week.

And one last picture before I go.

Even BoJangles is put out by the mess!

Have a good week and.........

Happy Crafting!

A quick update – Just back from the shops and I'm please to say I managed to find myself a nice mirror. 
Not quite the same as the one in my photo but very similar in a Bronzy colour to tone with the new light fitting I brought yesterday…....did I mention that, Lol!


Annie said...

Oh bless you. So much mess all at once but just think..... it will all be so lovely when it's finished :-)
A x #38

lisa said...

Ohh I don't envy you, Sue, although I'm sure it'll all look gorgeous once it's finished. Having people in your home doing jobs is the worst thing though as you can't settle can you.
You have some lovely stuff on your desk and I thought that was a pic of our cat there, they are identical from that angle!!!!
Hugs Lisax #74

Sheilagh said...

I love the photo of your cat, he seems to be summing the situation up very

Hope tranquility comes back soon for you. Love the mirror and you crafty "mess" I recognise a kindred

Hope you are having a great day out.

Sheilagh *99

Di said...

Hi Sue, OMG!! If I still lived up your way you could have come and camped out!

Still, it'll be fab when it's all finished and life returns to normal. Poor cat, yup, really put out :)


Twiglet said...

I hate the upheaval of decorating but it will all be worth it when its done - then you can sit with your feet up and knit!! x Jo

okienurse said...

I can really feel for you with all the mess and goings on around your place. I am in the throes of a complete bath redo and it is one thing after another right now! Thanks for the visit to my blog and the tips. I did use water color paper but it is a coarser paper and didn't run the way I wanted it to!! Urgh!!! Always something! Have a great week! Vickie#42

jill said...

I used to love decorating but can't do it anymore. I hope yours goes smoothly.
The poor cat must be thinking no i don't want my photo taken again.
Happy crafting jill #62

kay said...

dont envy you having 3 rooms done at once but am sure you will be pleased with the end result
have a fab crafty week
kay #25

Emily said...

Wow, what a week you're having.

I love the pic of Bojangles and glad you liked my windowsill more than my desk. They are so much fun to watch and so naughty too lol


Helen said...

It could be worse Sue - you could be having your room painted! Did I hear a cat groaning in the distance?! Hold on to how fab it will look when its done. WOYWW Hugs from Helen 14

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Getting someone else to there's a good idea. We've always done our own but I am getting to the stage where just leaving it to a professional has definite advantages!
Bojangles, of course, has the best reaction of all..ignore it and it'llgo away!
My No 1 spot is pure coincidence! I let Julia know that Mr Linky wasnt working, checked her blog 10 mins later and blow me, was the first to link up. Normally I'm in the 70's!!!
Hugs, LLJ #1 xx

RosA said...

Hi Sue, Thanks for visiting me. Hope you get everything sorted out eventually. I suppose it's a good excuse for a bit of a tidy up. I dread having to have tradesmen in my house, so disruptive.
Love you kitty! He's gorgeous! Oh, and those snowflakes are very thin wood, probably laser cut. They're lovely, aren't they!

Sarah said...

Great to have new painted walls - but I would have had a major fit at such short notice... keep thinking of the 'all done day" and use it all as an excuse not to dust for a while....
Thanks for calling by… Sarah.

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Wow! What a difference one week makes! It was under control last week and this week it looks like a bomb went off. I'm with BoJangles, hide your eyes and hope it goes away. Nothing is more unsettling that remodeling (well, maybe moving). I hope it all gets back to normal soon!

Julia Dunnit said...

It is and will be worth it, but the sudden upheaval is always a bit argh!! I think the best attitude is to be thankful that you didn't ask them to do your craft room...becasue with no notice - oh crikey it could be too tough to contemplate!!

Kathryn said...

Good thing that you were able to leave for the day!
Love the big window and all the light you get! Wonderful creative space! You use it well!

Glenda said...

I just love your space! So much creativity and I love your window!
I'm signing up to follow your blog this morning...#95

Tertia said...

I hope you found the mirror you wanted and a few other crafty bits too. I am sure your place looks fantastic by now.
Happy very belated WOYWW

Queen Of Toys said...

It will be over soon that is what you have to keep telling yourself. As for BoJangles he has the right idea, just cover your face, pretend your not there and sleep. Happy hunting for your mirror.

Have a great crafting week
Eliza #65

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