Wednesday, 20 June 2012

WOYWW #159 - Back to Normal…………………………..

Well, sort of.

The decorating is all finished now and I have to say I’m pleased with it, despite the upheaval of last week.

Most stuff is back in its rightful place but I’ve gone into cleaning mode and have spent the last couple of days sorting out some of the toot that has accumulated in the kitchen cupboards over the years.

It’s surprising what you find lurking in the dark corners and I’m ashamed to say I came across jars of herbs dated 2005…..shock….horror.   But in my defence, I’ve grown my own for years now and use fresh herbs when I cook so I’ve not been in danger of poisoning anyone, Lol!

As you can imagine, it’s been a busy old week and now, here we are at the middle of the week again which can only mean one thing, What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday!
Thanks to Julia,  The Stamping Ground  becomes the meeting place for lots of nosey crafters who like nothing better than a good old snooping at what’s on your desk, so why not nip across to her blog and join in, I’ll be doing exactly that when I get back this afternoon. 

Here's my space this week.

This picture was taken last night and my desk is not in too bad a state for a change.

You can see my little fold up table is beside my desk with my Promarkes on and at the back of the table is the card I finished on Monday for one of my friends twin Grandchildren, which is still awaiting it’s insert.
I used some Pee Wee glitter on part of the background of it and now I have glitter everywhere.
The table, my clothes, even BoJangles has a nice glittery coat despite the fact that thought I had cleared it all up last night…......obviously didn’t make a very good job of it.

On the cutting mat is the birthday card for the other twin and to the Left is the stack of MME papers that I was using.

The card is finished now and I used the template from last Tuesdays challenge over at Skipping Stones Design but I was too late to enter it.

I tried to make it look like the little boy, who is another digi stamp from Mo’s Digital Pencil was skateboarding down diagonal edge of the pocket.

The only other thing that might be of interest is my bargain Sizzix 'Nouvau' alphabet. 
Now when I say bargain, I mean bargain because if I remember correctly I managed to grab this back in 2004 when it was listed on a web site (sorry, can't remember where) for the incorrect price of around £20.  It was a massive mistake on their part because they were selling for around £60 at the time and everyone on the forum I belonged to was buying them, but to give them their dues, they fulfilled every order that was placed before the mistake was found.

I’m off to meet my friend Susan and her hubby at the garden centre now for a spot of lunch before the weather changes again…….you have to make hay while the sun is shining!

Happy Crafting!




Annie said...

Hope you have a lovely lunch out ...wish you lived closer and then I could join you :-)
I used to have an elderly Aunt who used to throw anything out if she hadn't used it for a full year....wish I could be as good...God knows what's in the back of my cupboards. :-)
A x #76

Helen said...

Hi Sue hat a shame you didn't get to enter your card in the challenge. It is wonderful. Love the tag idea. Have a lovely lunch.

Hugs from Helen 107

P.S. Please pop to see Angenita (89) as she could do with a WOYWW hug today (pass it on)

Hazel said...

Love the card with the skateboard image (I've got that - very useful for boy cards). Glad all the cupboard clearing etc has gone well. I haven't forgotten to send you an ATC (thanks for the kind offer of a swap) - will get in the post very soon. Thanks for the opportunity of having a peep at your workspace - trying to make a few visits early this week! Hazel, WOYWW #87 x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card!


Zoe #57

Twiglet said...

Fab post Sue - chuckled about the herbs. I have made best of the sunshine and washed kitchen curtains - they didn't look too bad until I took them down and found them full of dust, cobwebs and who knows what else!!! x Jo

Sian Evans said...

Hey I love your card, very cool for a little boy! I hope you enjoyed your lunch out - I could do with some of that I have been in working so much (from home) that I now feel like a recluse! Thanks for commenting on my humble blog xx Sian xx one and only designs woyww 112

SophieNewton said...

What a funky card, love it...I also love this font, what is it please?
Sophie no.93

Angie said...

You really sound as though you have been soooo busy. I adore that card ...and the use of the tag.xx#9

May said...

Great post.. (lol) about the herbs I can beat that one I found some coffee dated 2003 oops, It was hidden at the back of the cupboard in my defence!.. Gorgeous card love that stamp so cute the design is fab too.. Hugs May x x x#62

lisa said...

I'm glad you are getting back to normal now, Sue and are pleased with your newly decorated state. All the upheaval was worth it if you are!
It's frightening what you find when you start clearing out cupboards isn't it. I did our "under the sink" cupboard last weekend and found some floor cleaner from Safeways of all places, they don't even exist anymore!!
Your cards are lovely, he looks like he'll skateboard right the way off it.
I hope you enjoyed your lunch, that is exactly what Mum and I did today, great minds!!
Hugs Lisax #103

Lunch Lady Jan said...

oh, I've had things older than that in my cupboard, lol!! Well done for having a good sort out.
Love that Skater boy card- brilliant for any aged lad :)
I had a good lunch today with friends too = see next WOYWW for details!
Hugs, LLJ #72 xx

sandra de said...

I think we can all confess to out of date herbs in the pantry. Lovely card you have made and great idea that the tag pops out. Just lovely.... it can be hard to think of something for boys.
Sandra @32

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue - Hope you enjoyed your lunch out and I hop the sun's still shining too! Nice to have all the decorating finished but I know what you mean about all the clearing up and the knock on effect of having a big clear out! My hubby had a run in a with a full grown male goose a couple of years ago when he was riding his bike around a local lake. The darn thing got a bit territorial and chased him, he thought he'd got off with him but it opened it's wings and flew at him almost knocking him off his bike!! Beautiful cards for both the twins.

Brenda 2

scrappymo! said...

I've found a few things like that in my cupboards too. I wear reading glasses and usually don't have them on in the kitchen (unless baking).
I call out to DH to read me the dates. I think he is a bit sick of it but he has progressive lenses and the readers are built in...
Since i started doint hat, I manage to stay on top of the dates.
Works for me but as I said, he's not so happy with the solution!!! teehee

Princess Judy Palmer said...

That is a bargain! I got a Sizzix alphabet set for $8 once. There was a scrapping yard sale and a lady there was bemoaning she sold everything but this one Sizzix alphabet set. I said I didn't see she had and would have bought it if I had known, but I only had $8 left on me and she said SOLD! That's always such a thrill. Love tag card, it is cool.

Neesie said...

I tend not to have the problem of having to throw unused products away...I always seem to move house and it's amazing how that keeps your cupboards and drawers organised!
The next move will be number 12!
Your card looks brilliant and perfect for a 5 year old boy.
Ohh lunch with a friend in a garden centre...I'll be right with you ;D

Kathy said...

Glad to hear all the decorating is done and dusted and that you are plerased with the results. Your desk looks great (I don't seem able to see Mr Robo yet though....) That card is fantastic!

peggy aplSEEDS said...

happy WOYWW! great card for a little boy! and it's always wonderful to get a bargain, isn't it? and good for you to have fresh herbs for cooking!
hugs, #15 peggy aplSEEDS

Julia Dunnit said...

Such nice cards Sue, lovely interpretation of the sketch..thats a skill. I remember the error at Sizzix...a bit horrified to read it was as far back as 2004!!

Redanne said...

Well, here I am, better late than never, it takes me ages to get around the desks. I love your card for the 5 year old and what a bargain you got with the alphabet, it doesn't happen very often. Thank you for your visit to my blog and your comments, much appreciated. Anne x