Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Santa’s little helper…….I think not! WOYWW (#124)

So the Christmas card making marathon is still in full swing and whereas Santa has his little helpers to get everything done in time I have BoJangles.

Helping….I think not, but good company and a joy to have around…........…...well,most of the time……......… but not when I’m trying to work to a deadline.
He has to be amongst it all and loves nothing better than sitting on my pretty papers and generally getting in the way as you can see.

Many a card I’ve sent to friends and family will have an inky paw print on it somewhere Lol, so if I’m working on commissions I have to be very firm with him and banish him from my work room which he will object too very vocally.

So on my desk this What’s on your Workdesk Wednesday morning apart from his furriness, is yes you’ve guessed it, a Christmas card!

I’ve been having a go and making my own backgrounds and have had a play with my Brayer, Tapestry stamps and Distress Inks.
I don’t think it turned out too bad as it goes and I love the way the greeting looks.
It’s the first time I ever used my Nestabilities as a stencil and inked over the top of it….heaven knows why I’ve never done it before, so you can expect to see a lot more of that going on.

I’ve also updated some more of  My Cross Stitch Projects this week, including the one glimpsed below so if you’re interested in seeing the finished piece please stop by and leave some comments there as I would love to hear your thoughts about what I’m up to.

So that’s it from me this week as I have to go out now.
I have to take a cordless kettle back to the shop where I brought it yesterday because the base that was in the box wasn’t the one for the kettle…..I’m so annoyed because it means more than an hour round trip but I’ll be back later to see what everyone’s been creating this week.

  Julia,   Queen of Snoop has a list of everyone who’s joining in this week, so why not pop across and show us what you have on your desk.

Bye for now and……..
Happy Crafting!



Franka Benjaminsen said...

You're right, the Xmas card making marathon is started now, but... where is the inspiration? I think you've made a beautiful Xmas card. Love the soft colours and the trees. And about your help? I have, mostly, two supervisors to see if I'm doing my work well :-D.
Thanks for sharing and happy WOYWW.

Fuchsia said...

Really stunning Christmas card think you will have no problems doing your own backgrounds .
Happy Wednesday x

Annie said...

What fine cross stitch that is...amazing. Love the christmas card too.
A x

Jennibellie said...

Wow you're very multi-talented with all your different projects going off. Thanks for sharing, much love, Jennibellie x

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful card my dear!! Oh I haven't done my cross stitch for so long...not sure if I remember how...but I really loved doing it!! Would love to see your finished piece hun!! :)

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Nice Christmas card, Sue - I really like it and would definitely buy it!! I like the paper you've used for the trees which is echoed in the border and I like the way the music is canted, just makes the design better!
Hope you managed to sort out the kettle problem ok without too much fuss,
Hugs, LLJ #40 xx

Kendra-Sue and Jamie said...

Didn't turn out too bad? Your card is fantastic. I love your background, it matches the foreground perfectly.

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Fun post..Love your adorable cat. They have a way to capture your heart. Beautiful Chrismas Card design kinda looks like a magical forest, and great cross stitch project.
Shopping returns are never fun and the time wasted is the most frustrating. Hope it's quick and you have a wonderful WOYWW.

Sunshine Girl said...

Love the Christmas card - inking inside the nesty is a really nice effect isnt it. I got my mask and your lovely card yesterday - thank you so much - I havent had chance to use it yet but I will let you know when I do! Thanks again.

lisa said...

Bojangles looks very satisfied on his desk perch. It's funny how they like to be in on eveything isn't it. Mine are especially interested when ribbon is involved!!
Your Christmas card is absolutely beautiful. I love how you've laid it out with the piece of music at the bottom and Nesties look great inked up like this don't they. I love using them like this too.
Hugs Lisax

Marjo said...

Gorgeous cards, gotta tell you I love, love your purrrfect little helper!

xoxo Marjo

Angie said...

That is a stunning card ...I love the feel ...just a little different.

BoJangles is as amazing as his name ...dont they love to help ....Madison was trying to help me comment this morning... and Toto was determined to help with lunch lol

RosA said...

I love your ..
- kitty cat
- Christmas card
- cross stitch
I used to do lots of cross stitch at one stage. That summer one is beautiful, just my cup of tea!
Thanks for visiting my blog on WOYWW!

Julia Dunnit said...

Argh Sue, the kettle thing - hope it's sorted,it's such a pain...
BoJnagles looks very happy to be in the frame - they sure do like their share of attention huh! Love your Christmas make the stencilling very effective.

Anonymous said...

Love your little helper, you could quite rightly call him Sue's Little Helper! That's a beautiful card too, I really like the Tapestry stamps but haven't invested in them yet, maybe I'll ask for some sets for Christmas this year! Grr to the kettle, stuff like that really ticks me off but what can you do? Off to have a look at the cross stitch blog. How did you get on with Freebmd? Anything else you have questions about please shout, do you still have my email address?

Brenda 86

Unknown said...

Lovely cards. Interesting desk
and I also love your little furry helper. Thanks for stopping by.

bohemiannie! art said...

Lovely projects! Bojangles makes me miss Miss Kitty!