Friday, 2 September 2011

And the award goes to......................Me!

Last Thursday the lovely Twiglet, aka Jo, contacted me to say that she had left a blog award for me and I’m ashamed to say that I’ve only just got around to putting it on here, so apologise Jo.

The delay is probably down to the fact that I’m still in denial that she chose me because it’s the ‘Appreciated Followers award and when you consider that Jo has 88 other people that follower her blog, how she came to pick me I will never know.
Apparently she says and I quote, “I’m a very positive lady who takes a real interest in all of their crafty activities and is one of those really clever card makers”.
All I can say to that is that it’s easy to be positive and encourage people when they (Jo and her sister Annie) create such beautiful things. I know they’ve been a true inspiration to me since I found the two of them.

I decided to have a snoop at the other people she gave to award to as well.
Annie I’m already a follower of so I know what she gets up to in her craft/sewing room anyway, but I can’t say that I have ever visited Suz’s Blog before and wow, what a blog it is! It’s so full for beautiful colourful crocheting and it’s encouraged me to show you the very first double bed cover that I ever crocheted.

I was probably about seventeen when I made this so it’s been around for around 38 years.
It doesn’t get used on the bed anymore because It doesn’t go with the room, but I would never part with it.

Now I have to pass the award on to three of my own followers which is not going to be easy to do because I've always appreciated every single one of my followers,so for that reason I'm giving it all of you so please feel free to pick up the award if you would like.

But if I really have to pick just three who I feel have a made a big differance to me since I've been blogging I’m going to cheat little here and mention four.

My first award is going to go right back in the direction it came from to Jo, and her sister Annie, the sisters of crafty creations.
I envy these two ladies for their skill with a sewing machine and for all the beautiful things they make….......…a real inspiration!
I also can’t thank the pair of them enough for all the kindness and support they gave me last year when my dad was so ill.
Annie, I still carry my little Red teddy in my handbag!

Next I’m going to pass the award on to Angie from Glimpsing the Past.
If it wasn’t Angie I would never have got my finger out and continued plodding away with the Heritage Album that I started three years earlier.
She a real inspiration and full of encouragement, as well as being a fab scrapbooker herself.

And last but not least I'm going to pass the award onto someone who’s talented beyond belief, the lovely Vicki, from Stamped Smiles.
Apart from being an amazingly creative card maker her blog has loads of tutorials that she’s written from her own experiments, which are so helpful.

So pick up your awards girlies and display them with pride, as I intend to do.

Thanks again Jo for making my day!



Annie said...

Hehehe me thinks you are having a bad day Sue....First mistake Jo is Twiglet and second mistake I'm Annie aka Wipso not wispo hehehe but of course I still love you in your slightly confused state and after all we are pretty close as sisters aren't we? :-)
Thanks so much for thinking of me. Glad little red ted is still looking after you well.
A x

Angie said...

Oh wow thank you so much Sue .... Now I really need to get my finger out and do some more heratage LO's to justfy this award ...will pop back and diplay it later but I HAD to say thankyou for your kind words.xx

Twiglet said...

Wow Sue what a fab crochet bedspread. I certainly wouldn't part with it. Isn't it funny how trends come and go - 30 years on and crochet is back on trend again (where have those years gone, by the way!!!)Thanks for your lovely post - you see - you are just what I said - so thoughtful and positive.(AND I hadn't even noticed the confusion over Wipso and Twiglet)Hugs . Jo

*Vicki* said...

AWWW!! Sue, you're such a doll!! :) Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this lovely award with me and those blush-making things you've said about me!!

Your bed cover is gorgeous girl!! Fabulous job!! I hope you're having a great weekend!! HUGS