Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Sleepless in......Essex!……..WOYWW (#113)

Doesn't have quite the same ring as Sleepless in Seattle does it but that was me last night.

Now, while I do love my little maisonette it has it’s disadvantages at times. I couldn’t sleep because of the heat and I couldn’t have the windows opened right up because I live on the ground floor, so I had them on the snib but they were letting hardly any air through.

Needless to say I was up at silly o’clock this morning playing in my craft room and as Wednesday’s here again that means that The Stamping Ground’s weekly blog hop is in full swing today.

Here's my desk this morning.

I turned out three very quick cards, two of which you can see on the back of my desk and now I have my Heritage album out and am working on a page of my Grandfather (Mum’s dad) Frederick James Gowers.

I’ve messed around with the photo to the best of my abilities in Photoshop but it’s really just trial and error because I have no idea how it should really be done, but I'm quite pleased with the outcome.

I’ve gone from this:-

To this:-

I never knew my Granddad because he died at the age of 55 from lung cancer before I was even thought of. But what I do remember is this very picture in a rather large frame, hanging on the wall in my Nans home.

I've always thought he had a slight resemblance to a young Prince Philip, what do you think?

Once the page is finished I’m going to have to do a lot of digging because I know very little about his life.

Obviously he was in the army and the census shows he was a soldier in 1918 so he fought in the 1914-1918 Great War but I’ll have to try and get hold of his service records to find out where he actually was.

He married my Grandmother Emily on 31st October 1918 and after leaving the army he worked for the London and North Eastern Railway, first as a General Labourer and then an electrician.

That's about as far as my knowledge of him goes so hopefully my investigations through various members of the family will come up with some more intresting facts about his life.

Thanks for stopping by this morning, I hope to repay the visit very soon myself once I've armed myself with a cup of coffee.

Happy Crafting


Wipso said...

I love old photos Sue. I have some of my dad in his RAF uniform and really love them.
Try a fan at night time....we have had ours on the last two nights and it's made sleeping much easier.
A x

Julie M said...

Morning Sue - great job on your Grandad's photo - it has come up so well. I love geneaology - so interesting - but hard to stop once you start!!

Julie :o)

Helen said...

I couldn't sleep much in my maisonette either - even with the windows open! Tomorrow we'll be moaning about the rain they forecast....
Love the photo - he looks very distinguished indeed!

Twiglet said...

You have done a fab job with the photo. Hubby does lots with Photoshop so he might be able to help if you have any questions. x Jo

nerllybird said...

Snib? How very Scottish, lol!

What a lovely picture of your grandfather, you've made a good job of restoring it.
Helen S

Paula Gale said...

Hi Sue - you've done a really good job with that photo. Funny you should remember the picture because my mum's mum and dad also had one of my grandad in his service uniform. It was a very unusual picture in that it was glass - like the image was in the glass... anyway, I digress. Its a shame you don't feel able to open your windows properly - mind you, the heat is the same inside or out!!! I was on the leather sofa last night trying to find cold spots lol...

Dylan - my dog you commented on is a Bedlington Terrier - he's looking rather scruffy at the moment - he's due a cut next month. He hates this weather cos he doesn't know what to do with himself :O(

Take care and good luck with the hunt for more facts about your Grandfather. What a legacy you will leave your family and future generations when you've done.

Paula x x x

Lisa said...

Wonderful photo and fantastic restoration of it too
Thanks for sharing

Doone said...

absolutely fascinating, marvelous job you did, well done, both on the photoshop and your investigations...


ScrappnBee said...

I love old photos and the stories of the people in them. Good luck on your journey to sleuth out the past! Great job fixing up the photo! Have a fab WOYWW- Amanda

Angie said...

Great job on the photo and I look forward to the LO. I think you will have fun tracing back his early life through the cenus' and his service record and then recording it. have fun xx
Its muggy up here tonight ...I cant leave windows open except on the lock here either as the cats would fly out!! ...and all the fans we have aquired over the years have finally conked out.

Yogi said...

thanks for the peek. The layout of your grandad in the next post is wonderful. Have a great day

JoZart said...

It is really interesting to delve into family history and Fred certainly deserves to be noted. I'll go with the resemblance BTW! You wouldn't be here without him!
JoZarty. x
You edited the photo really well.

okienurse said...

Nice thing about being later getting around is that you get to see the finished products of a sleepless night. Love the lacing and the canvas! Sorry I am so late getting around but once again life has interfered with what I want to do! Thanks for sharing. Vickie