Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The culmination of one year’s work (WOYWW #107)

Today is going to be quite a hard day for me, but tinged with the sadness that today would have been dads 88th birthday is a good and happy feeling too. You know, the kind of feeling you get when something you’ve been working on for a very long time is finally finished and you can sit back feel proud of what you and some very special friends have achieved.

By now you must be thinking, what the hell is she going on about, it’s Wednesday and we're only here to see what’s she has on her desk, but today I’m not going to show you my desk at all.

What I am going to show you though is my sofa because it’s covered with nine beautiful lap quilts and thirteen cushions that have been made for the hospice that cared for dad in his last months.

Dad and I came up with the idea while he was having his treatment at the hospice because we wanted to give something useful back to them as a special thank you from the family for all the kindness and care they gave to dad. Mind you, I couldn’t have completed the project if it hadn’t been for some very special people and I can’t thank them all enough for making my insane idea of making nine quilts and matching cushions happen.

There have been a few road and air miles involved in this project too.

Four sets of the squares were cross stitched by two lovely ladies in Holland, Marg and Marie-Thérèse.
I didn’t even know them until my friend Nicki suggested that they might like to give me a hand with the cross stitching, so I sent them all the threads and material they would need and also one square stitched by me. The reason for that was that I wanted to have at least one piece of my own stitching on each and every one of the quilts so I also stitched all the logo's.

I myself stitches all the squares for another four sets and also some of the Gerbera’s squares for the final quilt which was being stitched in Bristol by my other wonderful friend Sharon.

As we finished the sets of squares we sent them out to Nicki in Switzerland, another very special friend and very clever lady with a sewing machine, and she stitched her magic with the fabric that dad paid for himself and made all the squares into the beautiful quilts and cushions.

Last week they all arrived back in the UK and later this afternoon my two brothers and I are making a very special journey to the hospice on dad’s birthday to deliver the quilts and cushions together with this card that I’ve made.

Following this are some close ups of all the quilts and cushions if you would like to see them but be warned, there’s a lot of photos and later today I hope to have a photo of us actually handing over the quilts.

Thanks for stopping by this week and don’t forget to visit Julia to see what everyone else is up to this Wednesday.

Have a great day and…………
Happy Crafting!
Quilt #1

Quilt #2

Quilt #3

Quilt #4 -

Quilt No5

Quilt #6

Quilt #7

Quilt #8

Quilt #9


I have one final photo to share with you from this afternoon.

Right to left - Essie, one of the nurses who spent an awful lot of time with dad, Michael (middle brother) Keith (eldest brother) and me. (didn't realise just how White my hair is now)

The nursing staff were overwhelmed with the quilts and cushions and we spent a lovely hour on the unit catching up with the staff who looked after dad.

Thanks once again girls for all your stitching and making a very personal project so very special.


Helen said...

What stunning work and what a fabulous idea - I am sure the hospice will absolutely love them.
Hope today is not too painful. Hugs, Helen.

Lythan said...

What a fantastic way of saying thank you and celebrating your Dad's life Sue. well done to all who have taken part in this labour of love. And happy birthday Tom.

alexa said...

Sue, these are just breath-taking. I can't imagine how much effort and work and organisation has gone in these beautiful quilts and cushions. Such a wonderful tribute to your Dad and you and everyone who has contributed, and I hope the entrusting of them to the hospice is a lovely occasion too. Thank-you for such inspiration ...

Jilli said...

Absolutely stunning! They are just beautiful and you can see that each one of them are made with love! Such a brilliant idea! Hugs Jillix

lisa said...

Oh Sue, you've brought tears to my eyes. How wonderful to firstly have the idea, secondly for your Dad to be actually involved and then lastly to have so many people involved in them, what a feat of organisation and it's such a lovely thought to give the Hospice such beautiful gifts. They are bound to brighten the residents days to have some thing so special at what is always a difficult time. Hospices and the staff are wonderful places but sadly my Dad never made it to one spending his last days in a faceless hospital.
I hope your day is not too sad and you can remember the happy days you spent with your Dad.
Sending you Hugs

SharonL said...

Dearest Sue, I am thinking of you three today and sending love/hugs.
It is YOU that have made this happen, Sue - without that idea with your Dear Dad, than this would not be happening today.
You have done so much to pull it together - the ladies that stitched are like the mice and fairies that made Cinderellas gown! Without the Firy Godmother that wouldn't know what to do ... make sense!? lol
To see the quilts and cushions altogether is just wonderful and an inspiration to what can be achieved with love and helpful hands.
Much love to you, Keith and Michael. xxx Shal. xxx

Hels Sheridan said...

WOW, Sue, these are amazing and what a wonderful way to remember your dear Dad on his birthday... big hugs for you all, you deserve them x Oh and... I have a little giveaway on my desk this week ;o))

camcraft said...

A truly wonderful tribute to your dad. The cushions and quilts are just stunning .. well done to one and all .. you are all so amazing. It just reminds you how much goodness there is in the world. I am sure the handing over of the beautiful items is going to very emotional indeed.
Carole x

Anonymous said...

Wow Sue, what an amazing and inspirational post and such a fantastic way to remember your dear Dad.

Brenda 81

Kathleen said...

How wonderful is this? I have to admit to having a lump in my throat reading your post. The quilts are beautiful, the hospice will be delighted when they recieve them.
Kathleen x

okienurse said...

what an awesome way to pay back all the kindness and care your father received. I would imagine all that receive one of the sets will be speechless at your kindness. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #107

Twiglet said...

I am amazed Sue. As a lifelong needlewoman I can imagine just how much work has gone into those fab quilts and cushions. A really lovely gift which will be so useful. What a wonderful way to celebrate the life of such a thoughtful man. x Jo
BTW - we have our flower die - brill - thanks for your help.

MaggieC said...

Those quilts and cushions are a real labour of love and so bright and pretty. It really is a wonderful way of saying thank you, and at the same time brightening up the life of everyone who sees them. A wonderful achievement. Thank you for your visit and making such lovely comments. They were really appreciate.

Angie said...

What a brilliant idea your Dad had ...and how wonderfully you have carried it out with the help of some very kind and talented ladies. Each item is a beautiful piece of art ...filled with love. btw you are very talented.

Sue from Oregon said...

what a touching story Sue, I am sure you made your Dad proud!!! so much work and so very inspirational. Thanks for sharing your story here!

April said...

Your story has just brought a tear to my eye. What a wonderfull idea, the quilts and cushions are just beautiful. You have all done a great job! Thanks for sharing.

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Wow Sue that all takes my breath away they are all done so very very skilfully .. well done you! and what a great way to remember your darling dad! praying for you in it..also thanks for popping over and commenting on my blog you make my day! and thanks for sharing, happy WOYWW! Shaz in oz.x

Serendipity Stamping said...

Such a heartfelt way to say thank you!! I got a tingling feeling all over just looking at them and seeing the work of several good friends that helped you pull it all together. Good job ladies! #101

Jackie said...

What a wonderful team you and Sharon (say hi to her for me!) and Nicki make, and the Dutch ladies. The quilts are absolutely beautiful. xx

Shoshi said...

Oh Sue, what fabulous work, and what a truly wonderful way to remember your Dad and to thank all those lovely people for caring for him so well during his final days. You really are a lady of talent!