Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The King’s Speech

Have you see this film yet?
If not, I can really recommend it.

I went to see it yesterday with my cousin and was a little skeptical about just how good it would actually be given all the hype, but I can honestly say it’s one of the best films I’ve ever seen and Colin Firth so deserved his award for his portrayal of King George VI.
Go and see it, I’m sure you’ll love it.

While I was in town I popped into Poundland and WH Smiths, so my work desk shows the spoils of my little shop. Nothing very exciting, just essentials like double sided sticky pad, staples, Magic Tape, smooth plain White card for stamping onto and two new Black Sharpie pens….last of the big spender, err?

The eagle eyed of you will have spotted something else that’s new on my desk…..yes, I’ve joined the ranks of the lucky crafters who own a glass cutting mat……and I love it! Don’t know why I didn’t invest in one of these before but at least I have it now.

And there's something new Purple Cow Ultimate Trimmer that you can see in the box at the side of my table, but as it goes I’m not very happy with that new toy.

I had been specifically looking for a trimmer that measured to at least 30cm, which according to the picture on the box this one does but when I got it home (after a round trip of an hour) I found that the measuring platform is marked out in inches and not centimeters. Don’t know why they can’t put both on there as my old trimmer has, but no, just inches.
I emailed Purple Cow on Friday to see if it’s possible to buy a new measuring platform, (thinking that if there's a picture on the box of one then they must make them) rather than return the trimmer to the shop but I’ve not heard a peep and I’m still waiting for a reply from them, so I’m not very impressed with their customer service either come to think of it.

Now I’m in a bit of a dilemma because tomorrow I’m going over to near where to the shop is that I brought it from and I don’t know if I should just return it and have done with it or wait a bit longer to see if Purple Cow get back to me. Trouble is if I take it back I need to start looking for another trimmer that goes up to those measurements and I’ve no idea where to start…’s so frustrating!

Sorry, rant over……best get back to my desk.

There’s just the usual mess on there that I manage to leave after a card making session. Pen’s, ink pads, piles of backing off the double sided tape that I've used and a big box of cheap eye shadows. Why the eye shadows…….I use them like chalks and very well they work too!

There are also these finished cards.

I was trying to do a few birthday cards using my cupcake stand stamp but they all turned out looking almost the same, mind you the Green one standing up on the shelf in the main picture looks more like a Wedding card if you ask me.
Oh well, back to the drawing board!

Then last but not least was this easle card.

Oh well, that’s it from me for this weeks what’s On Your Work Desk Wednesday.

Pop off over to Julie’s and join in why don't you, it's all good fun and you get to have a good nosey around too!

Bye for now.


Lythan said...

those cards are adorable and the varied colours make the cake cards look different to me. The last one made me smile!

katemade designs said...

love your easel card. Hope you get your cutter issues sorted. and thanks for the movie recommendation. I really want to see this one and having one more good review is helpful.

Chrissie said...

Glass cutting mats are the best thing ever... glad you've got one!

Susanne said...

Great cards. I know how frustrating it is to wait to hear back from customer service - so few companies these days have really quick response times. I hope your trimmer dilemma works out.

lisa said...

I friend of mine bought the Purple cow trimmer and was so disappointed with it she returned it too. They are not cheap are they? I have an x-cut guillatine and love it!!! The blade never blunts and you can trim slivers off, it's amazing. I always had trimmers before but would never go back to them now.
Your cards are all lovely, the cake stand looks great. You are being too hard one yourself.
Glad you enjoyed the film. It's on my list to see!!
Hugs Lisax

Anonymous said...

Loving the glass cutting mat - what sort is it. I have one small one but the markings on that one look really useful. Like the cake stand stamp and love the spice rack things you have got emellishments in.
x Tricia (80)

Zue said...

Those cards are really cute. I need a new trimmer..thanks for the info about the one you bought!
Sue xx67

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

It is so annoying when companies cannot be bothered to reply to your problems. On the other side, I did contact Clarity Stamps last week to see if they had any purpose built storage for their stamps or any idea on the best way to keep them. I had a reply by the following morning. Ok they could not help at the moment, but they did take the trouble to reply and to assure me that they are working on that very problem. So take heart, they are not all as bad. If you contact Joanna Sheen, you will usually get a very fast reply there too.

katemade designs said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. To answer your question about the wire giraffe it was sold with a couple of other wire animals as paper clips. HUGE paperclips if you ask me. They were a gift many years ago and I saved them for Zoo pages. The Lion and monkey are on pages about my son's visit to the zoo.

Angie said...

I so want to see that film ...glad to hear it is good. Love the cards.

Now your trimmer ....take it back ....any good company reply by return even if they have no answer , then follow through later. and yes I agree it should be in inches and cms.

Sorry I missed your desk the rainbow lo idea.

Twiglet said...

I love the little fishermen on your easel card. What a pain about your cutter - why is nothing ever simple any more?!

Craftysue said...

Hi your cards are fantastic x i have the purple cows 2 in 1 trimmer, which has a detachable trimmer on one side and a gullitine on the other.It has both cm and inches and measures up to 30cm and 13 inches.It also has the measurements across the middle, it also comes with 3 interchangeable blades a cutting blade, a wavy blade and a perforating blade, you can also purchase more blades.It also has 2 buttons one on each end of the trimmer to lock the paper in place,so no chance of the paper moving whilst cutting,it holds the paper that sturdy you can actually pick the trimmer up by the paper when it is locked in, also the gullitine side has a forever dull blade, which means you could run your finger along the blade( not recommended or that you would want to but i have a 7yr old who likes to craft so i know she wont hurt herself) and it will not cut you, but it also means that you never have to replace the gullitine blade, cause it will never blunt, i dont know the actual mechanics of why this works but it is fantastic. Also if you do demos or craft on the move you can detach the trimmer from the gullitine and your good to go. I paid 30 pound for mine, and its one of the best craft buys ive bought. I also have the woodware fingerguard trimmer which has an extendable arm which measures up to 40cm and this is also a fantastic trimmer with other fancy blades you can buy, these are the 2 i turn to time and time again, i hope this helps you if you decide to take the one you have back and change it. hope i havent waffled on to much and bored you x Sue x

RosC said...

I really enjoyed The King's Speech. Clever writing with lots of nuance & historic detail, not to mention the acting. AND I am totally with you on the trimmer issue. I have three or four for different purposes. Take this one back.
Ros (158)

Marjo said...

super cute cards..Thanks for the peek and sharing, hugs Marjo #10 Happy WOYWW

Nicky said...

Love your cards and you new glass cutting mat - I had a purple cow trimmer brought it cheap but brought it last week now have a woodware one really please with that as marked in both in & cm really pleased with it - hope your sort your trimmer out ~ Nicky 24

okienurse said...

I have a self healing and a glass cutting mat but tend to use the self healing cause I am not coordinated enough to keep the papers from sliding around. Your cards are really cute!

Tertia said...

Lovely cards! Love that little fisherman. I hate it when cutters do not do what they claim to and then nobody cares about your troubles.
Sorry I am so very late doing my rounds this week.
Tertia 110

Ali said...

That's a lovely work area you've got there with lots of great storage. Your cards are great - I love that cupcake stand design! :)

Thanks for sharing.

Ali #74

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

Thanks for looking in and leaving a lovely comment. As far as my craft room floor is concerned, I have to keep it clear of flutters, only firmly closed boxes are safe from my little black devil dog (Gemma) who thinks anything paper is made for her to chew and recarpet the house with. All the shelves are now finished and in use. I aim to sort of tidy up and take some photos tomorrow night ready to post on Wednesday.