Wednesday, 10 March 2010

WOYWDW and more Reorganization

I’ve been at the hairdressers this morning having a quick bouffant so my photos for What’s on your Work Desk Wednesday were taken a little later than usual today. It doesn’t really matter though because what’s on my table has now has been there all night.

Sadly, the card I was making was a Sympathy card for the 89 year old mum of a lady who orders her cards from me and what makes it all the more sadder is that I had just made and sent her 90th birthday card but she didn’t make it to the big day.

I don’t know about you but I always find this type of card difficult to make but I fell back on an old favorite Penny Black stamp for the main image.

The evidence of my home make Water Stamped backing paper lay scattered all over the desk……Distress Inks, Pearl Pigments , Tim Holtz ‘A Compendium Of Curiosities’ ( for instructions) and a recently acquired set of Artemio stamps that are just gorgeous.

I loved doing this technique, especially with the Pearl Pigments misted across the top of it because it gives it such a lovely finish, so I’ll definitely be having another go at it some time soon.

Now I’ve moved my camera up a bit and you can see that the reorganization still continues.

I’ve now emptied all the spices from the little jars and refilled them with flowers and buttons. I still can’t quite believe what a good buy it was and I’m seriously thinking that I may go back and get another one to store my brads and beads in. Not only that, they look so pretty sitting on the shelf.

I have a few new Organza ribbons that you may have spotted, waiting to be wound onto bobbins and put in their rightful place in one of the five boxes of ribbons. I have to confess……..That’s just some of my ribbons, I have an overspill box that in its turn is spilling over, so I really do need to address that problem quite soon.
I guess the sensible thing would be to use some of it!

You can also see a glimpse of another of my Cross Stitch picture that I have on my wall.
I fell in love with this picture years ago and wanted to stitch it but it was all done in very dark colours. Don’t get me wrong, it looked beautiful but it wouldn’t have gone in any of my rooms, but I was determined to stitch it so I decided to have a go and changing the colours. It was worrying while I was working on it because I didn’t know how it was going to turn out but it didn’t look too bad in the end. I think the Blue frame worked really well too.

Well, I think that about all there is to see this week.
If you want to have a nosey at a few more work areas pop over to Julia’s Blog where you’ll find a list of everyone playing along in her comments.

Hope you all have a good day and I’ll be along soon for a good old nosy.



Linda Elbourne said...

You may find them difficult to make .... but you certainly do make them lovely ... it is the most beautiful sympathy card I have seen ... truly I mean that ... I love the colours ... the technique ... everything X

Spyder said...

ohohoo my goodness!! So tidy!! and is that 'ribbons' I can see in side that clear box!? You have managed to tame ribbon!! It's soooo neat!! well done, you must be a 'ribbon whisperer!'

Vicki said...

so sorry about your friend, that card is really beautiful xx

Twiglet said...

That card is really lovely - I would frame it as a little momento.

Kaz said...

That is a beautiful card Sue,, perfect for a sympathy card. It's horrible to have to make them isn't it?
I love love love the spice rack for buttons and am off to find the post where you showed it before.
Keep going on the reorganisation, I'm working through mine at the mo xxx

Julia Dunnit said...

What a beautiful card Sue, totally appropriate! Your organisation is fab - I'm with you on getting another spice rack. As for ribbons..well....less said the better!

Clare said...

The card you have made is beautiful.
Your reorganisation is going so well, everything looks very neat and tidy.
Clare x

Pam said...

What a beautiful card. Your desk is so tidy. Hugs Pam

Helen said...

Well, the occasion may be a sad one, but the card is beautiful and will be much appreciated. Love your organisation.

Angie said...

That card took my breath away perfect.
Love seeing your spice thingy in its new format.

Wipso said...

The card is really gorgeous. Always a difficult subject but the job you've done is perfect.
A x

Linby said...

well where to start? first love the way you changed the pictures on the x-s (hope to be getting back to mine soon) I am never so brave and stick to the colours! Love the card you made it really is so peaceful and appropriate to me and I am sure it will be treasured and in turn a comfort. Now to the organisation -oohh I want it all it looks so lovely and colourful, will you be able to bear to use any of it though?

Anonymous said...

Brilliant organisation, the little spice rack is so perfect. It's never easy making sympathy cards, but you have done an astounding job, its truly beautiful.


Natty said...

Oh Sue, it's a beautiful card.