Wednesday, 3 March 2010

'What's on your Work Desk' Wednesday

Another busy start to the week for me.

Monday I had my three month check up at Moorfields and I came away with the good news that all has gone well and they’ve discharged me.

The not so good bit is that I was hoping that they would say if and when the cataract could be done but it not growing very fast and it could be years before they do anything about it. All I can do now is keep reminding myself that things could have been a lot worse, I could have lost my sight in that eye completely so I just need to be patient.

Yesterday I went to Lakeside shopping with my friend Susan.
She was looking for an outfit for her daughters wedding in August and I was looking for some new jeans but our shopping spree didn't turn out to be fruitful. She came back with nothing at all and I brought six pairs of knickers.
We did have a nice lunch out though!

Then, this morning I had to take my Dad for a blood test but then got so carried away with myself when I got back that I almost forgot it was ‘What’s on your Work Desk’ day. Still, better late than never and the photos are done now.

Just a quick word of warning to Angie though before I show them to you ………Angie, you need to be sitting down because what you’re about to see may make you feel faint.

I’m actually working on a page for my Footprints in the Sands of Time heritage album........ and how many months since I did the last one........I'm ashamed to say!
I was looking through the box of old photos again and I came across this one of Nan, Granddad and Granddad’s sister, Great Aunt Em. They were just arriving home after a day trip to Folkstone, in Kent.

I love this picture......just look at the shape of the old coach.

I’ve had a go at restoring the picture in Photoshop because it had some quite nasty creases in it but I didn’t really know what I was doing so it was more a case of hit this button and see what happens. I eventually came across the healing tool and managed to remove the marks but I just can’t seem to get the colour right, it looks very Green to me but it’s the best I can do.

So, what else is there to see?

Well you might have spyed some pegs up on top of my boxes.
Don’t worry, they in no way indicate that I’ve been doing washing, perish the thought. No, I was using them to make one of those Grunge board roses and they were the only thing I could find to hold it together while the glue dried. Check out the Daring Cardmakers on Friday morning after 10am to see the finished article.

There’s also evidence on my desk that the long awaited reorganization that I’ve been threatening for some time has begun.

My collection of Distress inks has grown rather since last weeks craft day on QVC, so I thought I would make a start on them by labeling all the containers on the sides and also sorting out some little reseal able bags for the Cut and Dry foam to keep them from getting too messy.

So that’s about it from me for this week. Don’t forget to pop over to Julia’s Blog and join in the fun, its great having a good old nosey around everyone’s desks.

Just one last thing before I go.

I want to say a huge Thank You to Minxy because I was lucky enough to win her birthday blog candy last week. The strange thing was, although I read her post last week and left a message it didn’t register that there was blog candy up for grabs, so imagine my surprise when I had a message to tell me to stop by again.
Now I can’t wait for the beautiful stamps to arrive…….so thanks again!

I really am going now so get the kettle on and I’ll be stopping by to see what you’re all up to this week.



Annie said...

I really love old photos. The old bus on this one is brill. You are very organised with your distress inks...I'm impressed :-)
A x

Minxy said...

Hay hun,I'll be sorting your stamps out to post tomorrow or friday, my e'mail link is on my profile page.. keep meaning to add it to the actual blog but keep forgetting lol
Well done on starting another scrapbook page, thats something i keep saying i'll do but it never happens lol not enough hours in the day!

Unknown said...

Hi Sue - I love that paper you are going to use for your scrapbooking... And what a lovely name for the project - footprints in the sand of time. I really like that. Also - the photo looks fine from here - you did a good job with it. Aren't we lucky having this technology to restore things from the past - something that those very people didn't have the luxury of.

Can't wait to see the grungepaper roses - I keep saying "I need grungepaper"!!!! Have you noticed how the price massively differs from shop to shop? Sorry - just ranting!!! tee hee.

Pam said...

Looks like you are going to be busy, don't you just love looking through old photos I don't think it will be the same for our kids with digital you don't need an old shoe box and part of the fun is lifting that lid. Hugs Pam x

Yvonne said...

Oh what a stash of Inks... yes I sat and watched and cried as the lovely TH showed all the lovely rangers items that I could not get ... sob , sob. oh well ... maybe I will will the lottery ( do you have to play to win) thank you for the chance to nose around x

Angela Toucan said...

great photo. all the best with your album

Linby said...

what a great photo and so worth scrapping - looks fine to me I think you did a great job with it.

Helen said...

Well done restoring the photo, it looks ok to me too. Congrats on winning blog candy!

Twiglet said...

All those lovely inks etc - you all have such impressive hoards of stuff - love that bus too!

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh my..bags for the foam - Sue - that is impressively organised! Your desk looks great today, am happy tha tyou're back into your Heritage album..the pic looks great from here..I see no green!

~T~ said...

Great old photo - love it. Love your inks too! Can't wait til mine arrive.

Paige said...

Great desk Sue I love how you have labeled all your inks so you can see them through the drawer sides. and yes all that stuff did come out of my cupboard and I threw hardley anything away to fit it all back in neatly :)

Spyder said...

lovely lovely inks!!! and some scrummy paper too!

Unknown said...

Great desk ... I drink my coffee black too :0)

Angie said...

So pleased you are doing another heritage the windmills on the paper ...they were probably sold at all sea side places then along with the rock.
I know alot of people seem to mark the sides of the distress inks ...why didnt I think of that ...doh ..but I like yours best as you have displayed the colour too ... Brilliant

Anonymous said...

That paper is absolutely beautiful and I love your old photo, it's great that you still have them.


Nikki said...

Hi Sue
Great Photograph if you want to remove the green in it in Photoshop IMAGE-ADJUSTMENTS-DESATURATE .. will make it Black and White again :)
hugs Nikki