Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Only A Rose I Give You (sung in my sweetest voice Lol!)

Good morning What’s on your Work Desk Wednesdayers.

I’m in denial that seven days have passed already and I need to get the camera out again but I guess it’s flown by because I’ve been busy packing and posting things I’ve sold on eBay and making a few cards that have already been posted to the lady who ordered them.
When I have weeks that like this I can’t help wondering how I ever used to find time to go out to work.

My table this morning reveals a couple more of the acquisitions from my recent spending spree:-
A bargain set of Marvy Le Plume pens from eBay for £4.99 and a lovely Papermania ‘Build a Rose’ stamp set which was £5.99 but £2 of that goes to Cancer Research UK.

As you can see, I was playing with the stamps last night. It comes with a large stamp of an open rose head that you can colour and use on it’s own or there are six separate components that you can stamp and layer as many times as you like to build the flower. Here’s a close up of my first effort.

There’s a little ‘project in waiting’ sitting on the back of the table too.
You know I said that I had sorted and labeled all my Distress Inks and then put all the Cut and Dry foam into little bags to stop cross contamination of the colours, well after I had done that I couldn’t get them all back into the space between the inks in the drawer. Luckily thought I kept the round container that had my Kenco Coffee in and it’s perfect for storing them, so by the time you come back next week I hope to have done something spectacular with it…….or failing that it’ll just have a sheet of pretty paper wrapped around it!

Don’t think there’s much else that would interest you on there so I’ve had a little downwards swing this morning.

Am I the only one who has an enormous rubbish bin but still manages to scatter most of it on the floor?

Hiding to the side under the table is the Black canvas bag that is my fold-a-way lighting studio. It’s the best thing I’ve ever brought when it comes to taking photos of cards and stuff. Before I had it I could never get a decent picture without it being covered with shadows from something or the other.
Next to that is my can’t do without paper trimmer which really need a new blade but I keep forgetting to order one……..must do that now while I think about it!

Most of the other bits under there are just things I moved off the top shelf when I was making room for the spice racks, the jars of really large flowers that I never know what to so with, the overspill box of ribbons and oh yes, there’s yet another eBay bargain hiding under there.
I was looking for a new heat resistant craft sheet but for the Ranger ones they wanted around £16 for one that was 15 x 18 inches. I did a search on eBay for a Teflon baking sheet which is exactly the same thing and found one which is more than double the size for £8.99….result!

Well that’s it from me again for this week.

If you fancy joining in then Julia’s Blog
is the place to start. Leave a link there, get the coffee on and I’ll be round to two ticks to see what you have lurking on your work desk.

Have a good week


Linby said...

lots of interesting info this week Sue. Your rose is great and if that is the first attempt the others will be outstanding. like the sound of your foldaway studio-where did you get it from please?

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh very interesting Sue! Love what you've done with the rose. I like the studio thingy.....great idea.

Linda Elbourne said...

I am going to keep this short ... LOVE LOVE LOVE that rose ... a lot lot!

Cardarian said...

Love that flower! There is much fun stuff to nose around! I am interested to see the use of that flower!

Clare said...

Your rose is fabulous!
Clare x

Sarah said...

I love that rose, makes me wonder if I should have bought those stamps after all.

Lynda said...

That is one stunning flower Sue!

Love Lynda xxx

Kaz said...

That rose is stunning Sue. I have a floor like yours, it's amazing how much misses!! xx

Wipso said...

Really love the rose you've made. I can see I need to send the 'tidy up fairy' to you to clean up the bits on the floor :-)
A x

Helen said...

Oh, I LOVE that flower! The rest of the space looks pretty interesting too.

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

The rose is beautiful and some fab bargains well done!!! Maybe we should do What's under Your Workdesk next week!!

Rosie said...

That rose is YUMMY - such faded, subtle colours.

Twiglet said...

Love that rose - such lovely subtle colours.

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

The rose is beautiful Sue ;) I always have bits of paper and other stuff on the floor too!
Anne xx

Spyder said...

Fabulous rose and loads of interesting stuff going on!

Angie said...

wht a great post ...a very interesting desk too. Loved that rose and the kit must be termed a 'good buy' are your listed bargains. I am always being nagged by DD because I rarely get my rubbish in the bin.

Vicki said...

wow that rose is gorgeous - what are you planning to do with it??? well done on getting so much done!!!!

Mandy - Crafty Angel said...

omg your rose!!!!!!!! STUNNING!!!!

all your inks, I just want to dive in a play!

I have the same trouble with my bin, no matter what its size or where I place it I still get paper bits EVERYWHERE and stuck in the carpet pile!


butlersabroad said...

Love that rose, and the paper you've stamped it on to. I have one bin and two carrier bags in my room and I diligently separate paper and card scraps from plastic, all for the recycling, then general stuff goes in the bin! But then we all know how organised and virtuous I am!!


Wendy said...

love all the paper bits on the floor, a true crafter.
no matter how tidy I try to be my floor always get covered in little bits

Hazel said...

Sorry I've not been here for a while - always a pleasure to see what you're up to and be inspired by all your creativity. I've seen that rose stamp and have wondered whether to buy it - your rose looks wonderful (I might just treat myself to it) x

Kathy said...

The rose looks lovely Sue. I'm so glad I'm not the only one with scattered mess on the floor.

Hope you're doing ok, hunny

dictionar german said...

Yup. This is very awesome! I love your rose.
Thank you Sue >:D<