Wednesday, 2 September 2009

What’s On Your Work Desk Wednesday?

I hope you’re sitting down because I’ve actually remembered to take a photo for Julie's What’s On Your Work Desk Challenge today.
And it’s buy one get one free because I’ve taken two……..neither of which are very interesting, I might add but there’s two never the less.

As you can see my table is completely clear this morning except for the cloth that I hang up to take photos of my cards. I just catch the edges under my Tag ‘a’ Long tote on one side and the storage boxes on the other and drape it over three of my ribbon boxes to make a little platform and there you have it, an instant photograph studio! It works fine as long as the sun isn’t shining too brightly because when it is, I get nice lacy shadows from my net curtains.
Unfortunately I can show you the photos of the cards I was photographing because one is my card for the Daring Cardmakers Dare this coming Friday and the other three are for my brothers 60th birthday that’s coming up at the end of the month. He checks out my blog sometimes so I don’t want to chance putting then on here just in case he sees them.

The second photo was taken a few minutes after I’d finished taking the photos of the cards and this little monster was trying to let me know that I hadn’t been paying him enough attention this morning.

BoJangles is a Very High Maintenance cat and need to be made a fuss of at least three times an hour and be fed the same number of times if he had his way. Lol!

Bye for now and I’ll see you next Wednesday when I hope to have my birthday cake and cards on my work desk!


Angie said...

Bojangles ....what a wonderful name. He has the same expression on his face as our Buffy but she has no ginger.I'm glad you explained about the cloth ...thought you were hiddimg something lol

Annie said...

A clear desk this morning eh? Mine was full of the most amazing wedding dress today. I have had to take biggest part of the train off it, take in the boned bodice [with 5 layers!] and sew on 30 tiny buttons down the back. I'm sorry to say I don't blog photos of my wedding dresses as they are often kept secret for the big day but I will say this one suited the bride to perfection and has kept me out of mischief all day. A x

Julia Dunnit said...

Ah a clear desk...jsut right for mayhem to develop! Love the photography studio section! And as for my inchie...earlier tis week I did make 5, stick em on a card and enter the DCM challenge, honest!

Lynda said...

Love how you take your photographs - that's genius! and Mr Bojangles is just adorable. Nice tidy desk too!

Love Lynda xxx

Annie said...

Just thought you might like to check out my blog for my what's on my desks photos. Julia showed interest so I've had a go to show you where I work/play.

susan said...

Bojangles is a beautiful cat! He looks like he has "love" in his eyes :)