Sunday, 5 July 2009

Thanks for your support Sew and So!

Well, my Kid’s Company update today has to begin with an enormous Thank You.

When I was placing an order recently with Sew and So, the on line needle craft store where I obtain most of my needlework materials, I cheekily dropped them an email asking if they might have any off cuts of fabric that they would consider donating to our project.

A reply came back from Dan Hall the Managing Director saying that he loved what we were doing and would be only too happy to sort out some fabric and threads for us, which was great.

So I eagerly awaited the parcel arriving on Monday.

Now bearing in mind that I had asked for off cuts, you can imagine my surprise when a Parcel Force lorry turned up with this enormous box.

Even the delivery guy was laughing as we both struggled to get it through my front door in into my narrow hallway.

On opening the box my eyes were greeted to the sight on more than 28 meters of various fabrics, some of them un-opened bales and in the region of 200 mixed skeins of DCM threads.
And then, as if that wasn’t enough Dan had also put in two amazing trolley bags which I’ve seen on a web site selling for more than £40 each, because he thought they would be useful to Nicki and I for moving are stuff around.
How how generous is that!
Needless to say I got straight on the phone and thanked his personally.

The support from Dan and his team has been unbelievable and I know that the children will greatly benefit from their kind generosity.

Can I also just say that if you’re into needlecraft in any way, shape or form please give Sew and So a visit.
They offer a wide range of stock with super fast delivery and a customer service that’s second to none!

Now on to my latest efforts, made to look beautiful by the fabulous Nicki and some more lovely feed back which is always nice to receive.

Dear Nicki,
I write this to you with my eyes full of tears of joy.

I soooooooooo LOVED your cushions, Nicki, they are just amazing. I could feel your deep care and love in every stitch.
I don't know how I will be able to give it to them without breaking down in tears....
and-as if your generosity wasn't enough- the little lavander pouch for me is just so sweet!!!!

I thank my life to have attracted people like you. My words cannot translate my feelings, so I leave it to you to imagine it, maybe in silent appreciation of your lovely, special Self.

Please send my heartfelt THANKS to Sue in Essex.

I will keep you in the loop with feedback on how we will give the cushions to the children and anything related to the wonder-full gifts...

With deep gratitude

More Cushions:-


Anonymous said...

OMG, this is just wonderful. What a generous DAN! The cusions are absolutely fabulous too. :) Its a fantastic project.


Kathy said...

Oh wow, Sue! To know that there are still people willing to help out like this - what a wondefully generous gesture Dan has made - you and Nicki will be able to give so many children something special of their very own to treasure thanks to his gift.

The cushions and quilts that you two make are really wonderful

Jo said...

WOW! that is amazing and so generous! The cushions that you two make are brilliant.

SharonL said...

Amazing! Like Kathy says it is truely brilliant that there are still people willing to share and give generously.
You and Nicki so so much work on this project so any help is a bonus.
Wonderful and well deserved. Well Done Dan also
Love, Shal.x