Thursday, 14 May 2009

One of those weeks......again!

It’s been very ‘bitty’ for me again this week, with more hospital appointments. Thankfully not for me this time but I’m still feeling a little frayed around the edges at the moment with all that’s been going on.

My big brother Keith had to have a rather nasty, thick cataract removed on Wednesday.
It was just a day case but we had to leave home at 10-15am to be there on time for his appointment and we didn’t get home again until around 6pm. Not a long time in the scheme of things but it seems long and tiring when your just sitting, waiting for news on how the op went.
They couldn’t tell us much after the op, just sent him home with eye drops and an appointment to return to the hospital this morning to have it checked.
They told us this morning that because it was quite a bad cataract the op took a little longer than usual and it was more difficult to remove, which explains the bad bruising he has around his eye but the good news it that they are pleased with the way it went and he can actually see a little better in that eye….not much but a bit and that will improve over time. His next appointment is in a week so fingers crossed that things carry on the way they are for him.

The other thing that happened this week is the new carpet was also finally laid in my lounge at long last on Monday, so the room is beginning to look liveable in again.
I was going to say it’s hard to believe that over two months since the boiler in the flat above me burst causing all the damage but I would be lying because it seems like I’ve been in this mess for an eternity. At least the work is nearing an end now and all I’m waiting for is the fire surround to go in and things can then get back to normal….I hope!

Now all I need to do is a bit of serious crafting to get be back on track so watch out for some more challenge card over the next couple of days!

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Sending big hugs your way!!