Thursday, 5 February 2009

Urgent.......Call For Help!

I’m just wondering if anyone in the big ‘crafty’ blog world out there can help me out please.

I need to find some Line Dancing images and at the moment I’m not having a lot of luck.
I don’t mind if they are images to download or stamps ….anything at all really, but at the moment I’m stuck and I’ve been asked to make three cards.

I’ll be really grateful if anyone can help by pointing me in the right direction please.

Many thanks


craftaholic said...

The Cricut Paperdolls cartridge has cowboy/cowgirl cutouts. Would that work for you?

sue law said...

Hi Sue
Not sure if this is of any help but Tanda do a cowboy boot stamp (£2.20) and a "Howdy" stamp(£2.20), failing that if you are any good at drawing they do very reasonable custom stamps which they usually get out to you really quickly!
Sue Law

SueH said...

Thanks for the info. girls.

Unfortunately I don't own a Cricut but that cartridge with all the dolls and cloths looks great.

Sue - Out of all the Tanda stamps I have I don't have either of the cowboy ones....typical!

I've just been over and ordered the Boot and Hat individually though.

Thanks again for your help.