Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Yah.........the front is finished!!

I’m pleased to report that my front garden is completely finished at long last.

The plants in the border went in a couple of weekends ago and I went straight out and brought some lovely Plum coloured slate to put down and help suppress the weeds. The trouble was I misjudged the amount I would need and had to go back for another three bags which I finally did yesterday.

As the sun is shining this morning I thought it would be a good opportunity to get out and finish it all off.

This is the mess it was in before the work was done

And this is how it looks now.


Lythan said...

How fab! I can't wait to try out my parking space

Jackie said...

Love it Sue. We could do with ours doing too!

SharonL said...

Oh Sue, the drive looks absolutely fab! I am so happy that it is finished and the plants look lovely along with the slate. You made a good choice there.
Hugs, Sharon. x