Thursday, 25 September 2008

Who's in your Garden?

I was standing at my sink in the kitchen, washing up a little while ago and thinking what a lovely day it’s turned out to be……..the sun is shining, although it’s getting a little cooler now.

While I was looking out of the window I had a few little visitors to my bird feeder.

First was this little Blue Tit

who came and sat on the fence directly in front of me and then this cute Robin.
I was always under the impression that Robins were ground feeders but this chap has taken to eating from the feeder……well when he can get anywhere near it that is. I say that because I also keep getting visits from this little fellow.
I know that people say the squirrels are vermin and that you shouldn’t encourage them but I’m of the opinion that they are only doing what comes naturally and if we make it easy for them then why shouldn’t they help themselves.

Mind you, having said that, Mr squirrel isn’t my best friend at the moment. Bo my cat chases him if he sees him and I think they have had a couple of rucks. The night before last Bo came in with what looked like a burst abscess. I took him to the vets and sure enough he had been bitten……..most likely by the squirrel.
The vets trip cost me an extortionate £80 for antibiotics and pain meds, but what I was most upset about was that it was money I had put aside to spend at the Alexandra Palace Stamp and Scrap show this coming Saturday.


Rein said...

Gorgeous pictures!!

Susie Little said...

wonderful pic's Sue, poor old puddy cat!!xx