Friday, 4 July 2008

I don't want another one like that!

What a week I’ve had, since talking to you last Friday.

First I had to go to se a consultant about the recurring sinusitis that I keep getting which resulted in me having to have a camera put up both sides of my nose and down my throat. Not a particularly nice experience but the good thing is that it showed there’s no bone or polyps blocking it. Now I have to wait for an appointment for a CT scan of my sinus.

Next it was skin tests at my local clinic. I was under the impression that I didn’t have any alleges, other than to housework that is, but the consultant thinks that the irritation to the lining of my nose may be being caused by an allergic reaction to something. So Thursday I went along and sure enough I had three positive reactions to the eleven that she tested me for. …..Tree pollen, flower/grass pollen and dust mites. I was so surprised that the pollens came up positive because I never get any of the runny nose, itchy eyes and sneezing that you usually associate hay favor.

Then, to top off my week nicely I had to make an emergency appointment at the dentist yesterday because the whole right side of my face is aching. The pain is unbelievable and all due to an abscess on one of my upper front teeth so now I’m on antibiotics and praying that that does trick because I’m the biggest baby going when it comes to dentists and dread the though of having to have any treatment on it, especially with it being at the front.

Oh well, keep taking the pain killers!

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