Monday, 28 July 2008

Cor…..what a scorcher!

I’ve just had a really great weekend.

It was Diane, my cousin’s wife’s 36th birthday and we were invited up to Mersea Island to her birthday BBQ. They do this every year….you may recall we managed to get my dad on the bouncy castle at last years event! There was a bouncy castle there again this year too but dad declined joining in the fun, saying it was a little too hot for him to be jumping about on one of them things and headed off to sit in the shadiest spot he could find in the garden. Can’t say I blame him really because it was a scorcher and we’ve all come home a little redder that we went.
I’m covered in big red blotches too but mine weren’t caused by the sun, they are insect bites. I don’t know why it is but I always get such a bad reaction when I’m bitten and nothing seems to stop them itching, still I suppose it’s a small price to pay for the fabby weekend away.
I forgot to say that we stayed at the Mersea Vineyard in a B & B over night, such a lovely area and I brought a bottle of the wine home for Dad and Keith to try, I can’t drink it myself as wine always gives me chronic indigestion.

The fact that I was away over the weekend obviously meant there was no crafting done but it gives me the opportunity to show you the bits I made my friend Nicki’s birthday.

I wanted to do the same sort of thing as I did for Sharon, so I did the peg I brought last Christmas as well as a set of glass slides and a box. Where Sharon’s box was filled with a hand made desk set I decided to fill Nicki’s with crafting goodies, ribbons, flowers, cards and envelopes and a little book about making stitched cards.

Here’s a few piccies for you to see.

This is the peg. The flowers on this and the other bits were cut either with punches or on Roberta Robo and all the papers used were from the Memory Stor (Costco Kit)

The outer case for the glass slides

Inside the case

The glass slides, painted with Twinkling H2o's

Nicki's box

You'll recgonise Nicki's birthday card because it's the one I made for a DCM dare a little while ago.


a portland granny said...

Thanks for stopping by my post. I'm looking at your beautiful creations and in awe of what you make. They are beautiful!! I don't know anything about the glass workings, etc. But I am surely impressed!! i also like the way you interweave your life with your art work. It makes for a very interesting site to visit. I shall return!!


Crafty Sarah said...

WOW! These are all so gorgeous. That fan is beautiful xx

nutka1911 said...

I lov this card!

Cuchy said...

Sue, I really like what you do. The box and slides are impressive.
Thanks for visiting me and your kind comments. M.Carmen