Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Cross Stitch Friendship Quilt

You'll remember the other day when I was dropping hints about a secret project that I had been working on; well it’s reached its destination now so it’s safe for me to share it with you.

My good friend Nicki (who lives in Switzerland) and I have been working on a few stitching projects for charity over the last year or so. It’s a fun and very worth while thing to do but we decided it would be lovely to stitch something for someone we knew for a change and it didn’t take us long to decide that we wanted to do something for our very special friend Sharon who also helps stitch our charity projects.
So, it was back in December that I started going through all my cross stitch magazines looking for designs that I could stitch for this very special project. I eventually came across a set of Japanese inspired flowers in shades of Lavender and Pink and knew instantly that Sharon would love then.

When all nine squares were finally stitches I sent them over to Nicki so she could do her magic with her sewing machine. She did a fantastic job matching my little squares with some really beautiful fabrics and turned them into this amazing quilt.

Now, I know that Sharon occasionally reads my blog so I really hope she won’t mind me explaining the reasons we decided to make our special gift for her. You see, Sharon suffers from ME and that means that she needs lots of rest and often has to take naps during the day. Nicki and I thought that a quilt to snuggle up to would give her some comfort and remind her that she has some friends out there who are thinking about her and wishing her well.

Our next special project is already in the planning stage and all three of us will be working on it so keep an eye out on here for some piccies when it's finished.


Juliet said...

This is amazing, it's special and beautiful!

Jackie said...

It's beautiful Sue. I'm sure Sharon loved it. Please give her my love next time you speak to her. x

Kathy said...

oh Sue, what a beautiful quilt and what a beautiful reason for making it. I'm sure Sharon will love it - actually, I bet she cried bucketfuls when she received it!

Sharon - if you read this - you owe me an email!

Jackie said...

Me again! I've given you an award, the details are on my blog :)

SharonL said...

I just wanted to see if you had posted up the quilt Sue ... so very glad that you have.
To say I was overwhelmed in an understatement!! .. Nicki and Sue got this so "right" Also knowing that Sue must have been stitching these squares when she was having a pretty awful time with one of her eyes makes it even more special.
The Spinning Dervlish that is SwissMiss .. dont know how Nicki found the time to add this into her already chock full life. But so happy that she did.
The quilt has been used daily; I know now how it feels to have something like this when we havent seen the reaction before on recipients faces ... the feeling is just wonderful.
Thank You both my Dear Friends :)
Hi also to Jackie and Kathy ... fellow Greophiles :) YASUS
Kathy .. promise, promise and big promise.. email...soon...promise. Hugs,

Much love and hugs Shal. xx