Thursday, 21 February 2008

I've been in stitches this week

Cross stitches, that is!
I just thought I do a quick update of my stitching this week.
I’ve been concentrating on my squares for Declan’s quilt over at SOLAK but I’ve had real fun and games with it.

I couldn’t find any charts for the Sponge Bob theme he asked for so I ended up drawing and charting them myself. As it goes I don’t think they’ve turned out too bad… that coming for someone who’s never even seen Sponge Bob before so I just hope he can recognize who they are meant to be when he gets them. Lol!

Anyway the work in progress from last week (Sponge Bob) has been finished

and I’ve also finished Patrick Star

and Gary Snail.

I still have a little bit of stitching to do on Pearl so she’s my WIP for this week.

There’s been no progress at all on the big tiger project because all my spare time has been spent on the squares.

The girlies over at SOLAK are really great and a very friendly bunch and thanks to one eagle eyed person I narrowly missed getting a virus on my computer this week.

Someone had joined up as a member emailed us with a link to a site supposedly offering free cross stitch charts but apparently if you clicked on the link the virus wiped your hard drive.
Why do people have to be so nasty and do things like that. I wouldn’t mind but the group is charity based and everyone gives their time and materials out of the goodness of their hearts. These types of people shouldn’t be anywhere near groups like ours and all I hope is that they get their comeuppance for being so nasty.
Rant Over!

That’s it’s for now……more cross stitch news next week!

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