Friday, 29 February 2008

Cross Stitch Update

Well, there’s not really been that much stitching going on the week if I’m honest but I did manage to finish the SOLAK squares that I was working on.

This is Pearl; she was the WIP last week.

SquidwardMr. Krabs

I’ll be off later to check out the database to see what other quilts are in progress and sign up to stitch a few more squares.

There were only a few stitches added to the Tigers that I’m working on so it’s really not worth showing you the progress or should I say the lack of it!

The good new and something that I’m quite excited about is that my good friends Sharon, Nicki and myself are planning a rather special project of our own. I can’t say too much because the person it’s intended for reads my blog occasionally but what I will say is that we are all absolutely thrilled to be doing something for this person and I’m really looking forward to getting started on it. Once my break to Norway is out of the way I’ll get down to some real planning as I need to chart this myself from scratch.

Watch this space and I’ll add a few sneaky glimpses of the stitching as it progresses and then do a big unveiling once the project is finished and delivered.

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