Monday, 14 January 2008

Sometimes it’s the littlest things that make the biggest difference.

As you may know, I just love to cross stitch and just recently, thanks to a very good friend, I was pointed in the direction of a wonderful group of ladies who stitch for charity.

The group is called SOLAK which stands for Stitches Of Love And Kindness.
They are a non-profit making organisation that was launched back in April 2001 with the intention of making lap quilts for people with long-term illnesses. As time has gone on the membership has grown to include stitchers and quilters from all over the world and I’m very pleased to report that I’m one of their newest members.

The way it works is that people make requests for quilts or cushion and tell us what they would like to be incorporated into it, as in flowers, teddies and the like. It’s then posted on the board and we decide which current projects we want to stitch for, stitch the appropriate squares and then send them to the person doing the quilting. Then, when it’s all finished the gift is sent to the recipient.

I’ve just finished my first two squares for a quilt that has a theme of Flags and American cars and they will be winging their way to my good friend Nicki out in Switzerland very soon to be made up.

Off to see what else I can stitch now!

If anyone has an hour or two to spare and is interested in stitching or quilting for this charity, I’m sure they would be grateful for your help. There’s never any pressure about how much or how little you do and after all it’s all for a good cause so why not give it a go.

You’ll find more info here if you’re interested.

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