Friday, 21 September 2007

Visit to the charity shop

I had a look on the DCM site this morning to see what the new challenge is for this week and it's entitled Charity Begins at Home, so while I was out this morning I called in at our local Barnardo's.

Unfortunately there didn't seem to be very much in there that I could do anything with because they had emptied most of the shelves and were stocking up with all the 'new' Christmas things......why does this get earlier every year?

Still, after a bit of sorting around I came across a lovely little Black lace t-shirt.
Now if this hadn't been a size '5' I think I would have kept it for myself because it's gorgeous but there's just no way I was going to squeeze my size 22 body into it so sadly I'm going to cut it philosophy being....if I can't have it nobody can!
Mind you, it's going to be hard taking the scissors to it.
I also found a broach and a wooden beaded necklace and all for the incredible price of £2.00, a bargain I thought.

Now for the hard part............all I have to do is think of something to do with it.
Watch this space!

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