Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Shopping for a Mapping Pen

I’ve decided to have a go at Pergamano again, that's parchment craft for those of you who are not in the know.

Now I’ve not done any of this for absolutly ages but last night I dug everything out of my cupboard and was all ready to make a start when I realized that the last time I made a card I forgot to remove the nib from the mapping pen after washing it and put it away while it was still wet. The consequence: the nib had gone rusty and I couldn’t get it out of the end of the pen however I tried.

So this morning I had to make a trip over to Imagine That, the crafts shop I use in Upminster to buy a new one.

This is the little devil.

Well, it turns out that they they don’t stock any Pergamano equipment or materials (don't know why I didn't know that) so I would now have to do a detour on the way home and call it at Artbase but how could I leave the shop without buying anything.

Now bearing in mind all I needed was a £1.42 mapping pen this is the little stash that I came home with.

Actually it’s not as bad as it looks really............

I had a full card of loyalty stamps from Imagine That which meant I had £20 to spend and a full card of loyalty stamps for Artbase which was another £25, so I didn't dpend very much of my own money on this occasion.

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